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The old webmaster teach you how to avoid the content of the website repeat included

in our website optimization, often as much as possible to avoid the repeated page included in. But if it has been included in the search engine, then what will be the impact on our

we usually try to optimize their websites which we can understand the search engine is not love duplicate content (which is one of the reasons for the prevalence of original content), for this, the search engine has also given a clear warning and advice, but why do we have this site or repeat included the phenomenon?


1, the search engine for their own reasons, because we all know that the search engine is a set of procedures for preparation of the program will have oversight, can not be fully recognition, so our site is likely to lead to more than one URL address content included repeated situation.

generally speaking, in the search engine on the site of our content, will dynamic pages are removed, but if our website often appear in such a situation, long indexed by search engines, removed, so the cycle. It will eventually lead to a search engine spider, the spider crawling heat gradually, like my website www.nam>

(a) repeat included page is what led to the

3, its website template, some sites are often ignored by the relevant issues in the process of making the template, after the final completion in our website template, the template in the application site found publication process has dynamic pages, and static pages, it can not be repeated

2, the website program settings, there are many websites in our program settings, in order to achieve the "Preview" effect, the dynamic pages in the background. But because of the reasons for the neglect, led directly to the search engine spider crawling through the directory index resulting in repeated contents included.

when our website in search engines, we often find such a phenomenon. A similar content was included in the search engine included many times, these pages contain static pages and dynamic pages and pseudo static pages, so although say to our website from the collection for increased a lot, but for search engine optimization suggestions in Shanghai Longfeng that do not support this "duplicate content" release. And the outcome is often included by its search engine to delete or tick reduction, and also our site of the weight of direct influence in this process, so today I want to share with you is to solve this method, if your site appears in this situation, we must attach importance to seize up to solve, so as not to affect the site ranking after the good not wordy, and we introduced the following.


(two) content is search engine included duplicate consequences.


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