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f your website accidentally disappear and you will blame you love Shanghai love from Shanghai

began to love Shanghai began right down to many sites from the No. 6.22, which were not so serious today. Now many webmaster mood is relatively heavy, also more pain. For online love Shanghai diatribe I summarized several points of view.

recently came first: 360 group set up raise a Babel of criticism of the search operations to start with love, so love the Shanghai competition, Shanghai began to pay more attention to the user experience of the website. Cause K dropped a lot of website. I think this possibility is not great, even if the 360 do a search engine with love than Shanghai is not up, the Tencent is a good example, users more than 360 Tencent, why the development trend of SOSO Tencent is so slow? Like sex love Shanghai Shanghai ah, still failed to compete with Taobao. This exists inside user habits on the inside, we want to find the contents of the first thought is to love Shanghai, buy things thought is the thought of Taobao, chat QQ. The three companies are entered into the other side of the field to the part of the market, but the operation effect is not very good. So don’t watch it, in fact, love Shanghai is now trying to do user experience, from last year’s Shanghai love home add a navigation function and real-time hotspots, and this year is to add a lot of functionality here is not to say, just want to say love the Shanghai K station with 360 to enter before search market. If it was because the 360 to enter the 360 market caused so many stations were estimated to be K I K webmaster must hate 360.

third: there are a lot of friends that this love is out of the sea K acquisition station and non original station, I think this is sheer nonsense, the site must be original? Love Shanghai does not seem to emphasize the optimization of guide bar, Chinese is running the company website can have many, most are personal webmaster, you make them most web content to the original, not the original drop power station K, what is that is not nonsense, do you want to K out of the vast majority of the site? As long as the content of the website is their carefully collected the good article. Collect article should pay attention to the effectiveness, timeliness. Don’t go to reprint the old articles, to reprint the latest content is reproduced today. Like the NetEase "

second: a friend said we love affects the interests of Shanghai? This is unlikely. Understand the network all know, even if you put up a website optimization is still a great difference with the auction income effect, the vast majority of users will still point to the promotion of the website, they only know to love Shanghai to the results of sequence Chinese users click on view, with America’s Internet users still have a big gap if you do not, promotion of Internet users to click on it that love Shanghai on what to eat ah. Shanghai love the agents at regular intervals to love Shanghai headquarters to train, don’t love Shanghai training staff will not explain PPC with optimization gap? The regional sales representative between don’t explain to customers the difference? The main do promotion final or the right to the hands of customers, customers themselves thinking.

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