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Love the Shanghai news website on line reminder tool may inform the site and cause abnormal


message reminder tool entrance: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/prompt/index

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform news website


dear webmaster,

whenever and wherever possible?The first step of

: in Webmaster Platform (in h>

can obtain the abnormal information website in Shanghai love in

June 6th -6 10 period, perfect contact and information sharing activities will have the opportunity to acquire minipad exquisite awards, please hurry up, the rich prize waiting for you to get

How The announcement is as follows:

in order to solve the above problems, the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform 2013 heavy launch website news reminder, abnormal problems timely inform the site and cause can help abnormal problems quickly and efficiently solve the website webmaster. Starting today, as long as the site in Webmaster Platform completed the verification, when a website is a serious problem, will display abnormal information in the message reminder. If you are also Webmaster Platform perfect contact and subscribe to the abnormal remind content, can through e-mail or SMS and other ways to receive timely remind Webmaster Platform the abnormal love Shanghai.

share win awards: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/promptact

reminded to inform? ! You have

site traffic crash, included burst drop and trouble? Whether has been looking for timely detection and treatment of abnormal web site traffic, effective and stable method of

message to remind the two period: website in love in Shanghai (super chain anomaly, abnormal data, abnormal content of the website was hacked and other serious effects of abnormal performance of the website in love in Shanghai) will be in the near future on the line, please timely attention to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website message reminder, perfect contact as soon as possible.

A5 (admin5贵族宝贝) station network June 6th news today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially launched website message reminder tool, this tool can through the abnormal problems timely inform the site and cause abnormal problems quickly and efficiently help webmasters solve the website. The webmaster only need to complete the verification in Webmaster Platform, will receive a reminder serious problems on the site, the major exception information website message reminder tool can inform Baiduspider in the capture of the website, website in love in Shanghai abnormal data and other information, to help solve the problem timely website.

: the contents of a message to remind the major exception information to the owners, promptly inform the Baiduspider in the presence of the capture of the website as the one on the line after the Baiduspider: unable to access the site, the site by shielding Baiduspider, the emergence of a large number of such abnormal grab chain website.

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