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How to optimize the site journey do talk about the Shanghai Dragon

1. before the site, must think well how to do a website named 3-5, the primary key, also is the site location. Personally, it is best to do vertical website positioning, do some differences in the content, avoid follow the trend.
2. defined the site name and keywords, be careful not to modify arbitrary keywords. And then began to publish content, release some original or false original content, keyword to do "around a word", refers to a long tail keywords, four
3. in the chain, the chain in addition to the former point that, there is
4. Links: Links is also very important, it is best to find the same industry with the nature of the site, if you add to the friends of the chain, is equivalent to the station you vote for. Good friends of the chain can increase the weight of the website, but the initial site without weight what to do? Add some QQ group, with the weights of the site than you swap, because weight high website will not own website with lower weight exchange chain. Unless you spend money or engage in such relationship. Ha-ha。
5.: the chain links after a month, there are some original or false original content, can do some outside chain. Do the chain to the blog, BBS, or with their own website related website published some of the content, do some anchor text. Can also go to the quiz website chain, such as the love of Shanghai know, SOSO ask. Love Shanghai know that the chain now do, as long as the link will be deleted or plus nofollow. But SOSO ask is still relatively good, I have tried, not deleted. I recently tried everyone station, feeling okay good. Now the chain is not very good, some sites as long as the link, will be deleted.

I am a PHP programmer, his spare time to build a website called 90 percent off shopping network, usually by my girlfriend every day to take care of this station, taobao贵族宝贝 to collect all kinds of creative products, then updates to their website. Just started, every day, but love Shanghai has not included, key words don’t feel satisfied, changed and changed. Before I have not understand Shanghai dragon. Later, a classmate gave me Shanghai dragon voice tutorial, why is Shanghai dragon teacher, I work every day when the bus, listening to the voice of curriculum. Shanghai Longfeng knowledge from 0 begin, slowly on the Shanghai dragon have some basic knowledge. Now you talk about and learn practical knowledge of themselves:

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