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Outside the chain of tools upgrade edition November 22nd open beta announcement

tool chainThe first step of beta status

is also a good news to tell you, Webmaster Platform search keyword query tool in November 21st with synchronous open beta, beta chain tools qualified users can also participate in the search query tool keywords beta.

sixth, get the site outside the chain of query data

second, submitted to the site and verify the ownership of the site to verify the specific attribution method visible help documentation 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/sitemap_help.html.

Fifth step

select "left outside the chain of tools

Hello, in order to let you use the chain upgrade version of a more precise tool, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain upgrade tool adjustment to open beta in November 22nd, through the provision of mail for beta qualified users before November 21st, has opened the beta permissions in November 22nd directly into the chain page priority upgrade tool the chain tool version.

all the webmaster,

third, left "site management"

(reminder: the only proven site can be used outside the chain of tools)

love The chain information display, 2 optimization

please account information Webmaster Platform will need to apply for the beta qualification information and website through the official mailbox [email protected]贵族宝贝 sent to Webmaster Platform mail, the website for application has been tested in the Webmaster Platform on site.

main functions:

, registered and logged in Shanghai Webmaster Platform



The upgrade of

1, the whole network support chain query, provide a more authoritative and effective reference data for the construction of the chain website.

How to use the

fourth, select the need to query the site in the ownership of the certified sites list.

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