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On the setting of the internal anchor text links

1, reduce the rate of jump out of

related pages

, the anchor text set


3, the anchor text pointing to


we say that the text of the anchor text is the most valuable, so many friends to the internal key link, which is not in accordance with the force with keywords language logic, the author found that many Shanghai Longfeng text, owners love their keywords such as "Fuzhou Shanghai dragon" "Fuzhou website optimization" think.. and so on this word into regional text, this no language in the chain of logic is obviously not in line with the search engine and user experience.

3, increase the chance to grab the inside pages

are generally but rarely is the inside pages pointing to pages within the page to the front page or directory page for large >


for Shanghai dragon, the construction of the chain is indispensable, and many owners spend a lot of time and effort to do, but the internal link building is overlooked by many people, and the page of the anchor text link as the main content of the construction site, many webmaster quite a lot of misunderstanding in this piece there, the author do some experience to share internal links.


we know that the anchor text is very important for keywords ranking, and from the article text links to anchor text word is high-quality resources, but to anchor text links are often very difficult to get through the chain, so only through the station link set, transmission weight value is the home keywords and long tail keywords the station. In fact, after the experiment proved, is the site keywords ranking a page keywords of the anchor text in the interior.

two, the anchor text set:

1 resolution

we know that the weight of the home page is very high, but also take the most frequent spider climb, but the home page is limited, may not pass more import links, so there will be many deep page hard to get the weight for large sites, this time on the chain in a good role. The spider through a link on the page, you can climb to get more deep page, thus increasing the chance to grab the page, improve the site included and weight.

2, increase keyword ranking

with keywords

jump out rate has been search engine as an important index of keywords ranking, other factors in the same circumstances, if the site’s jump out rate is low, then it will get the search engine more and more popular, and reasonable to meet the needs of users is the articles within the chain can reduce the site’s jump out rate.

many friends love to keywords split, such as keyword is Shanghai dragon forum, but many webmaster will Shanghai Longfeng do the anchor text, the Shanghai dragon BBS overall keywords were split, this is not correct.

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