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Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel essential knowledge three stage features detailed

: a stick is knocking Shanghai dragon entry key


! is a key of Shanghai dragon optimization staff

in the site has been K, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff will truly reflect to optimize the disadvantages of cheating, may also.

for the entry stage, many people will think that is simple, but the author thinks that it is the most difficult stage, although the introductory stage just learning a few skills, the content of the website is updated, the construction of the chain, the website structure optimization and so on, but the content is very simple, but they need long-term unremitting efforts to be able to truly understand the essence of website optimization! In the entry stage, is an important stage of the optimization of the staff reinforce the basic optimization of Shanghai dragon! Don’t think these content for school, soon that he is Shanghai dragon master optimization, in fact, that time for you, just a kind of confidence of high inflation

from Shanghai dragon optimization apprentice to full-time staff in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this transition between itself is very large, has become a Shanghai dragon optimization staff, you in Shanghai Longfeng optimization has added a preliminary, basically have to understand each important part of each Shanghai dragon of the optimization process, this time you need to put these important links slowly to another level, and this needs of experience


two: the accumulation of experience,


became the Shanghai dragon optimization staff, because you may not work, such as the common sense to rash caused by K website, many Shanghai dragon optimization workers may think this is a very huge failure, which in fact you at this time, unable to get up after a fall, should make every attempt as their personal wealth, because whether failure or success, can bring a clear direction for the future work of


now the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, almost all by common consent insist, insist again, only to be able to adhere to the website optimization work, technical content as Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is not high, as long as they adhere to the Shanghai dragon can become the master optimization, have different opinions, the author believes that the current Shanghai dragon optimization staff from novice to master the growth of energy must be three stages, and each stage needs to grasp the optimization technology of Shanghai Longfeng different, and learn from the experience of different, here is my understanding of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work to write out the more friends to share hope to get more friends! Criticism of


so how to reinforce the Shanghai Longfeng optimization based work? The nature is positive for Shanghai dragon each process optimization specialist, such as the chain construction specialist, specialist content updates and so on, if successful in this specialist role, then you are basically in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work


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