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The 4 main reasons of love Shanghai K station

general love sea K station is the most obvious manifestation of the site included reducing the keyword rankings drop, can be said to be a large area keywords are off badly, corresponding to a number of the chain also have reduced to a certain extent, this change is likely to continue for a period of time, of course, this kind of result is a result of the K station Shanghai dragon Er webmaster and was very depressed, the website traffic must be greatly reduced, so to restore ranking must carefully analyze the reason of site is K, only know what is the reason? We don’t know what a good start from the place, to solve the problem of K is in love with the sea. From my own site is K and the analysis of the experience and everyone of the caused by several factors:

? K you fall in love with the sea site" for each stationmaster, the most painful.

"What is

second, the Links site involved. Now many sites in order to improve the PR, will go to choose some weight higher site links, and when we choose the chain of friends must be careful, friends of the chain site is not the more the better, certainly not PR can decide everything, the key is to look at the speed and snapshot date, included factors such as the update, if these sites are not K, that your site will also innocent implicated. Then cried and shouted "regret" already late!

third, update the site itself. The reason is the general station of the updates are not timely, or even if there is a update but the quality is not high (such as collecting content or pseudo original do not good enough), so here we promote the update site as far as possible the original content, this is the best time for the optimization of the site, now love Shanghai too love the original content if the discovery site, there are too many articles are over COPY or the existence of a large number of pseudo original, believe in love Shanghai sooner or later on you hands. In addition, the update should have certain rules, it is best to update at this time the spider to visit your site, so be sure to go to the space under the log of the spider crawling rule. I usually at 9 in the morning – 11 points to complete the update of the content, so hurry, collected for half an hour, the accident will be included before 4 in the afternoon.

fourth, site optimization excessive. Or are you optimization traces too obvious, excessive optimization is also love hate the sea, so we do not because of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon.


I remember a friend called me an analogy is: what is the most important computer? I thought the answer said: electricity! Then friends profusely, then smiled and said: not CUP or the motherboard, but the hard disk, the server is the same, the data is the most important so we have to learn how to backup.

first, the server is not stable. The reason is the premise of all the normal operation of the site, some of the site’s server instability will lead to the search engine unfriendly to the influence of the spider crawling, it is necessary to pay attention to, so choose a more stable web server is the premise of website optimization.

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