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Site optimization to improve the quality of content of my thoughts analysis

as everyone knows, the optimization process of website content quality is very important for the optimization, so, as a webmaster for website construction quality content is that we must carefully to analyze the problem of website content we actually from those aspects? Well, and do a detailed analysis of the author, as a webmaster to construct high quality website the content we should start

fourth, to meet the user’s curiosity. Why should this be, because a lot of time to read web content can be roughly divided into two kinds, one is that his problem urgent need to solve the problem, such as users love a chiffon dress to buy online, XXX will search what brand is good? The author write this content second points have been introduced. We look at the second user demand is curious.


first, the minimum requirements for quality content to let users read smoothly. The intelligent search engine speed is obviously, many webmaster to original article East desperate together, this mode of operation is 2010-2013 years of writing ideas, as long as it is original even if there is no readability, still love Shanghai included, but the user experience is king of the times, so the user can not put all sorts of things together. Reading, the bounce rate is the inevitable user experience to some extent and site data is linked, the viscosity decreased, so the user experience will certainly be greatly affected, and content of constructing a minimum requirement is readable.

third, to make new features. I found that for small and medium enterprises, a big problem is the construction of content acquisition and pseudo original flood, many owners in order to save every day in the peer peer website, classified information platform to collect information, make false original or direct acquisition, a large number of repetitive content, leading search engines continue to increase the burden of content now, the Internet content homogenization overwhelming, so, in this case we content if can make its own characteristics, it will increase the search engine friendly, website content must constantly innovate, that industry has not been paying attention to the details, but also found that users love other platforms without writing perspective released.

second, to analyze your website from different angles. It is the directional site audience of users for the site, every industry will have a large number of loyal users, for example, the user is in hospital patients, all patients that we are content in the direction of construction, such as the patient will search XXX disease treatment? How to XX hospital patients associated with these car? The words are in demand we need to build a thinking in the process of the article, through the analysis of the needs of keywords, key to construct a thesaurus powerful enterprise, as much as possible to include all users so that you may put forward the content of construction is in service for your audience, so, in order to obtain high quality the user will be the first time to analyze our website users.

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