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The 19 day new website how to break the 29 million index amount of hot word to the home page

12:00-13:00 have a rest at noon to eat, and skim through it to A5, CHANZ>

yesterday, today speak again, the original is really important, and to what extent? Just grab the requirements of article in the sentence, in the search engine does not repeat, this is the value of the original, then update the article every day must be closely around the website main keywords to write, to create a concept of the industry authority website, so that Shanghai will love you with special respect.

11:30-12:00 upload the anchor text of each article do 1-2 or not to do, must reach the anchor text natural and guidelines on the role of the user, rather than for the accumulation of keywords, after to make good use of network and angle collection had written, only need 3-5 to. Then go to the A5 and behind 2 forum a link exchange information, each post with about 5 of the latest articles URL.



So The

image design ranked seventh, personal image design (8 million 800 thousand index) ranked fourth, a number of other long tail is not calculated.

Hello, I am Jun Shanghai dragon Er, following yesterday released the "18 days of new Shanghai home station speed ranking love" one man, only one day will be successful 29 million volume index will break through to the home page hot word seventh, first put the figure

love Shanghai weight also successfully reached 2. But today keywords up after the immediate effect, a day to more than a dozen telephone consultation, the boss very happy, I also very happy, finally to ten days off.

and I share with you my daily work plan and work log, hope you can help, but also to make up their own station optimization, to achieve profitability

8:30-9:00 analysis of the effectiveness of the work site inspection yesterday, friends of the chain, and the data collection of keywords ranking

today and we then summarize some related optimization techniques not mentioned yesterday.

9:00-11:00 open Chaoxing electronic library, looking for relevant articles that were written manually, the professional language of popular, the need to supplement local recruitment, each article 500-1000 words, all the user centric experience, about 10 articles.

11:00-11:30 opened the Shanghai love picture for every article with relevant pictures 2-3. A total of 20 or so exquisite pictures related. And to find no watermark (I pursue perfect), PS compressed image size.


The importance of the original

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