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Search engine optimization of those things three

explain the top few after the site has been completed, the layout of the layout is good, what to do next, ha ha, this is "everything is money", the website is done, wait, domain name registration down, congratulations to you, your website can be on-line to. Space, good binding domain, good analytical, check, you can go to the search engine submission, do not know what is submitted? Ask this simple, love Shanghai, he will tell you what is the website submitted, and the website submitted by the way of benefits, the search points of each big search engine submission address submitted look, let the search engine to your site into the index library inside them, waiting for the spider crawling your site. This time you do not idle, every day is to submit classification The directory, if you can, you can also go to the site navigation application login, if successful, he will give you not only the effect of the chain, and click on the flow Why not?, but oh, shoot two hawks with one arrow navigation site, and now can apply for less, you can stay for dessert. People can make a heart do SEO oh.

an article we talked about the website construction and website structure, there is the title of the method and points for attention, this article will continue to explain the snow leopard keyword, keyword, theme of a website, your website is mainly what products do, what type of reflected in this website keyword, for example, my website is to do the exhaust fan and the positive pressure air supply outlet, so my site will go to the reasonable layout of these words, we must first appear in the title, and then there is the Keywords tag and description tag to contain your keywords, some people may see some beginners the book is written to accumulation effect is good, in fact do not casually engage in accumulation, search engine for the keyword accumulation can be detected, it is easy to appear and a little too The excessive, so not easy to accumulate, in fact a enough as long as the keyword in the reasonable layout, but also to the average page, the head and tail of a key, do a middle and tail echo, then piggyback here point keyword, good, intermediate can be added in the company introduction inside layout, can also get some products with the keyword on the home page.

introduced more than a simple search engine optimization that section third, introduces the key words in the page layout skills there is.

Hello, I am the snow leopard, in spring, April is over 1/3, still struggling in front of the webmaster friends hope you can have a rest, look out of the window to see a green, don’t forget all the sites are not our life. Oh, so far, the first two of the "search" what engine optimization and search engine optimization of "two" of those things we introduced about search engine optimization of the first two steps, then the last lesson today we continue the following search engine optimization learning about search engine optimization of those things three.


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