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How much of your knowledge of basic understanding of Taobao Shanghai Dragon


begins with the positioning of the product, including our research competitors, but also in order to better position our own products. >


! Keywords

demand will be search, the search will have ranking, ranking will be related to Shanghai dragon, in the Taobao of course is the same. When people search for a keyword in Taobao, your baby can appear in the front, increase your exposure rate, the number of natural access will also increase, the probability of purchase will increase. About Taobao Shanghai Longfeng elementary knowledge, you have to understand. The ranking for each baby is indeed sellers related, ranking can increase the exposure rate of many, but how the volume flow into, there is still a lot of knowledge.

baby title is also divided into many kinds of attributes, keywords and purpose to the best keywords, if the choice is the intention of the keywords, then to enhance internal strength (Marketing), if it is the purpose of his natural keyword conversion rate will be much higher! So a great deal of attention in the selection of words, we will do a detailed analysis on the baby baby when writing the title, such as baby attributes, baby baby baby selling, material, function, and then through the combination method, to select some of key words, and then through 32 accurate written title of the baby! So you can make the flow of high purity natural conversion! The rate also according to different keywords attributes caused the conversion rate of different

!At the same time,

baby baby marketing is mainly to improve the conversion rate, the first figure can through marketing and keyword marketing to increase traffic, to guide customers through marketing and sales FABE sales law, through the trust degree of marketing and marketing risk dispel customer shopping concerns, finally to promote the marketing activities through shops buyers to purchase goods

2, baby marketing


marketing and baby related marketing and advertising marketing is also very important! Every kind of marketing means can play a significant effect, it is best to adjust and optimize the mix of quantum statistics, quantum statistical background data is our Taobao stores optimization direction, where there are shops and through problems can be an antidote against the disease quantum background analysis of

I always think that most Taobao sellers are positioning is very wide, the more widely it is more difficult to survive, unless you have a strong team and operation experience, so positioning market segmentation is very important. Including our profit when the sink in the training are also will teach you how to find the market supply! Now the shop in the increasingly fierce competition, the large and complete shop, want to expand the need to invest a lot of manpower, material resources and time, but the market is not necessarily buy it, because this kind of mode is too much. Now Taobao is good, do it, do vertical market segments have a way out, we can look at Taobao, outside the station, dangdang贵族宝贝, Eric, Mcglaughlin, these giants, is first based on a point in the industry, gradually grow, then from the point to the surface form.

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