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Given the success of the details website dead link detection and processing method

2, use 301 redirection settings. ROBOTS.TXT is only suitable for small.

2, manual check the website home page link. General dead links exist in the home of the website optimization is the most natural, we can put all the links page are tested to see if you can open normally, and the query tool also check the dead links page.

3 IIS, view the site log. This is the most thorough examination of the dead link, log return is 200 is the normal link, the return is 404 is to find a file is the dead links, returned to the 304 page without any change. Then we on IIS log analysis, to see what the data returned is 404 pages, these pages that natural spider visit not, and as a dead link processing.



dead link?

website optimization, is the impact of a dead link key website image. If not timely deal with it, then the image of the web site in the search engine will be greatly reduced, and in the course of time will affect the ranking factors such as weight. So, we should properly deal with these dead links, following to see together the detection and treatment of dead links.

1, the use of

1, ROBOTS.txt shield. In the setting of ROBOTS.TXT, first check which links are dead effect links, then the special symbols contained in these links to ROBOTS.TXT, such as 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/boe/bsoe/? Id=1.html with such links are not normally open, so we can put in ROBOTS.TXT natural / id=1.html address to this page? This is the screen off, tell the spider can’t grab the. Of course, the use of ROBOTS.TXT shielding only a small area, some pages not only suitable for personal website, the page is rich and link will not work without the law.

webmaster tools query. The home station tools should all be used, in which we use this tool to check their site if there are dead links. Figure:

how to deal with dead links in the site of

may be many webmaster about the concept of dead links is not very understanding, because the general use Adsense program is the most downloaded from the Internet, and the program itself can have a few more or less with the contents of the article, if we don’t keep him completely clear words, nature in the operation will leave some open or not the content of these pages, it is known as the dead link or invalid link. How can we determine which links are dead? There are several good methods.

how to check whether the site exists

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