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Analysis of one download station was drop right reason

third methods for English website translation. In fact, this method is very good, but the premise is your English is very good, can you go to translation, if you want to rely on Google online translation tools of the words, then you don’t want to, the translation of the article, your own estimates do not want to see, grammar, sentence unfluent etc. the whole article is used, the Chinese characters cobbled together.

2, the chain spread, poor quality. For an article can insist for a long time to write people, if every day to send the chain, the possibility is not great, so this site outside the chain, I was in Taobao to buy, after buying it, the chain, the chain of news video, Douding library, is the basic of the three within three or four days, an increase of one thousand or two thousand, in fact, I have developed the method, as for the effect here not much said, after all, there are people living on this. Just say a little, now my site every day in the garbage outside the chain to increase video, now estimated tens of thousands, each in Shanghai Webmaster Platform refused to junk the chain will require a lot of time.

1, website content quality is not high. Really, we always emphasize the website article update to have the quality of a rule, but in fact, can insist for a long time do not much, especially their own play website. If the company is standing may not have to write every day, every day, your station is not the same, after a perfunctory will have more time. This station is a very obvious example. At the beginning of this station, I am every day, every day to write. To the end? You want to recruit some lazy to update


second method is to buy a book, was published, then using a mobile phone camera, to identify, also exist inside the first method. Why buy books? Because many webmaster for the first one, most can be found online pdf books have been collected.

!The first method is to download the

pdf books collection, of course content search engine on PDF is not included, but the correlation and the theme of the site is low, and the use of software to identify, typos, change one or two times OK, time for a long time to the body, and there is no relation between the keywords article, again plus the readability is low.

site was 3, total downloads. The site is the other station webmaster to download, a domain name also in doing this, the template and the inside of the pictures are adjustable >

fourth methods, multiple articles together into an article, which is used in many webmaster, included okay, but the little coherence, readability is poor.

own a download site is down right already for a long time, today is to summarize the reasons, and everyone to share it!

the above four methods, I have tried to write articles, sometimes can not stand, will think of these measures, but no matter what kind of content, the quality is not high.

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