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Enterprise web content how to make search engines fast included

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in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization above, we all know that a site is relatively older than a new website optimization better! Because the old site in the early time, has put the preliminary work to do the optimization of Shanghai dragon. We optimize the time of the old Shanghai dragon website, just to add a few pieces of high quality web content, and then release some basic chain can fix the rank of the website.

But to write content according to their own products

two: enterprise website source

just for a line of business site, we really need to find some original articles to fill the website, because the only way when the search engine came to our site will find our new website, which will give our site less wrong score. If a new one is started to search engine spiders false or reproduced the original articles of words, then the latter part of the search engines will not favor our site. Here we come to a few main idea of enterprise website article on the source of all:

(1): according to the contents of the

we want to put a corporate website do we have in the enterprise web site full of sound and colour, before they do online planning. We think the enterprise site mission in the end is what? And do the site location. (please refer to the "Shanghai dragon novice how to do website"). Especially for a new business site, early planning is very important. We must not to be able to make the search engine website as soon as possible and do too hasty.

for new sites, often will not be so easy. According to our observation, the new Shanghai test cycle of love for 1 – 3 months, this time is the time to test our optimization, if our website can let love Shanghai love at this time, then we optimize the work will be easy. If we do the optimization is not good, so we may be late detours, especially for some enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng site, how to make enterprise website content of our search engines is fast, is what we are going to talk about today’s topic:

want to do this, we must have a good understanding of their products. The only way that we can sort out the industry in a more excellent article, if you own products are not very familiar with it, then I suggest you or not.

no matter what kind of industry in this industry, we will have some news or newspapers such as the abstract, we can go according to these content to collate and publish directly to our website. For example: industry news, information processing technology. Of course, if you want your content more unique, we can according to our specific industry to organize some technical knowledge to fill the website.

A: enterprise website should be pre planning

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