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Google’s lower ranked website to see higher Ctr


贵族宝贝0571jiaxiao.net/: from the original article not easily won, starting A5, hope everyone reproduced indicate the source, thank you


this study aims to study the advertising revenue as the main income of the site. Although the high ranking has been regarded as a symbol of high traffic, but few people check is in the advertisement also has a high hit rate. Therefore, Chitika decided to investigate the relationship between the Google search results in the first page of the site and the advertisement click rate. What they found:

from the Chitika study shows that your site in the search engine ranking search results is low, your site ad click rate is high. It can be seen from the data in the tenth row of the website advertisement click rate (CTR) is nearly doubled in the first row of the click rate.

This means that the ad click rate

in advertising to make money site, the value of each position is not the same. Chitika in order to show the value created this chart hits.

his first position without thought is still the most valuable place. However, the value will create an increase of search strategy and budget for each location and how to get more value a good suggestion.

Chitika of

as you can see, the relationship between AD click rate and ranking of search results, and the position of the first 0.5% ad click rate compared to fifth ad click rate is 0.7%, tenth ad click rate is 0.9%. Why? The user intention is simple answer. The user queries more targeted, more likely to choose the content of the website users to give up or ignore the contents of advertisements. Related content less, users are more likely to click on ads or to find relevant search results.


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