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The interpretation of Taobao search optimization ranking factors

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many people when the release of baby has been found, the Taobao category very numerous, and when we choose is not easy, so in a very long time, our baby is in the search to find their own baby, there is always the ranking. What is the reason? A big reason is our Taobao baby upload error. In fact, from the time, Taobao is to give us some examples, this is for our reference, we avoid the wrong own baby category.

is the external promotion said many in front of the small sentry, and here is the Taobao site optimization, it is worth to note that this is a relatively long operation, we need a lot of attention in the operation time, the only way to get more advantages and resources. At the same time, Taobao search engine algorithm is very complex, and not confined to a small guard said that, if possible, suggest everybody to see the interpretation of Taobao’s search team.

dynamic score is a very important point, in the Taobao, has joined the user behavior of the algorithm, as long as we in the Taobao search, you can see many people in the "new" (no reputation shops) appear on the home page, this is what reason? Is the effect of some behavior the way, as long as some turnover of a few, in this category below the high score relative dynamic baby, also have the opportunity to ranking on the home page.


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sales there are disputes, in most cases there are still many unscrupulous businessmen engaged in deceptive marketing methods. Taobao official is very upset, here xiaoshaobing thought to myself, for example, we are a management of shopping malls, the mall to do, must be guaranteed merchants settled, how to determine the protection? Is very simple, is to buy a commodity value compensation in the hands of third parties that is, our store management hands, as long as the customer disputes in the store, when we can have money to pay merchants wrong. The Taobao is the same, you ensure that customer service, problems can be solved, this is also Taobao recommended, and in the search above we can see the general consumer protection personnel are ranking.

Taobao baby ranking is very important for a shop, there are a lot of people who are in the study, how to do to improve their baby exposure? Now search engine about the influence factors, we hope to be able to do some optimization in the sales process, let your baby in category ranking, so as to consider the problem of profitability.


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