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The original content and proportion of reproduced love Shanghai website how to adjust the adjustment

old website: the old site is the site of more than 6 months, the keyword ranking is quite good, the target keywords basically is the first page or second page. At this time the contents of the original and reproduced your site ratio would be 5:5, because this stage that you and the search engine builds good credit relationship, get a little more of the reproduced content can be, the search engine has never requested web content to the original, because the reprint is valuable.


: new new website is the best original content, original content is one of the biggest advantage is easy to be collected and indexed by search engines have a certain credit value. With more and more of your site is included in the collection, faster and faster, which means your site to achieve a high degree of credit, but the credit value included not ranked with what direct relationship. This credit is a step by step with the establishment of the search engine, every time you are original, update time is fixed, the search engine will be used to think your website content is original, even if we add a little can be reproduced.

popular industry: cold industry can in fact than the popular industry reproduced the contents of the high proportion of the amount of information, because a popular industry itself is not great, can not account for how much space search engine. It is very easy to calculate, you see the search engine each K station is starting from the hot industry, because the industry too much information. The industry itself is not to upset the data, if you still carry out large-scale K station, you don’t have much East database.

: the weight of the weights of the website website refers to through the love of Shanghai new audit period, have a certain weight, some keywords ranking. At this stage of the website with original reproduced the ratio should be 7:3, because at this stage that you with search engine has established a good credit relationship, otherwise it will not have the weight, but there will be no ranking. So this time we in the content production can save time, can participate in a part of the reproduced content.

industry is not the same as the original and reproduced, the proportion is not the same.

website content update is a long work, we can not all of the content of the original, needs to be reproduced. But since June 28th, the Shanghai algorithm upgrades love love Shanghai August 22nd announcement 80% upgrade algorithm are based on the content, is to combat spam websites. We must reprint the original site collocation can be, but the recent round of upgrade algorithm, found that the situation has changed, the original content is too small, reproduced or pseudo original too much of the site is not a small impact, ranking decline. I think there is a great relationship lies in the search engine to adjust the original and reproduced the proportion, so today to talk to you about a website and how much is the proportion of the original is reasonable.

is a website for the different period, the original and reproduced the proportion is not the same.

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