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The station optimization tutorial series navigation and structure optimization

navigation optimization

website ranking will not rely on a few simple factors increased, the most important is the combination of the factors of the site, after all, the search engine analysis website, are all factors in conjunction with the website, such as the weight, content, chain and so on a series of related factors were analyzed, then give the corresponding rank. Of course, to do the station optimization does not necessarily improve website ranking, as the saying goes, Liyingwaihe is the most powerful weapon. So, to improve website ranking also need to stand inside out. Today I talk about in the station optimization scheme of navigation and site structure optimization:

search engine is a flat structure recognized by the website structure, and terminology should be called tree structure. This structure is the most suitable for the spider crawling, after all, the spider crawling sites are from the top down, only natural flat structure is the most consistent with the structure of the spider crawling. Whether it is large or small, are used.

site navigation is divided into three categories; one is the main navigation menu bar. Two is the second navigation. The three is the bottom navigation. It is totally different for the three kinds of optimization methods of navigation, optimization of the main navigation can be applied at the bottom of the navigation, but is not very suitable for navigation, and so the bottom navigation is to take care of the main navigation, navigation, and optimization methods are also different. The optimization method of the three’s here:

site optimization

3. bottom navigation optimization. The bottom navigation is not at the bottom of the information, the fact that only belongs to the normal content, while the bottom navigation is through the head at the bottom to add, such as hyperlinks, website pages of the main keywords and so on. General bottom navigation is to take care of the main navigation, when users browse to the page under the distance at the top of a long distance, can return to the other page through the bottom navigation, instead of the back button in your browser, this is to improve the user experience and website ranking is helpful.

1. main navigation optimization. Commonly known as the main navigation menu bar, the purpose is to let the user know what sites do, what type of content. The main navigation webmaster should also read a lot of optimization methods, such as the main navigation refused to use the search engine does not know to set up, usually for the main navigation, pictures and FLASH or JS jump is not conducive to the website optimization, but also not conducive to the spiders to crawl and crawl. So, try to simplify the main navigation, the use of normal text links on the line.

2. navigation optimization. In fact, for the most important is to let the user know what position in the navigation site, many sites are using the crumb structure, it is advantageous to the spider crawling and let the user know their location, and the best navigation optimization method, is each menu superiors should be set the hyperlink, if each of the return to the user with the browser, so to improve the user experience is not what, only reaction.

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