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Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon learning theory first and then focus on combat and improve deep

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to share a lot about Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, there are a few articles about Shanghai Longfeng learning, but a lot of people for the study of Shanghai dragon or has its own way, probably before the introduction of measures not feasible for all of us that I give you today, I talk about a little view of Shanghai Phoenix: Shanghai dragon learning theory first and then to combat, don’t forget the deep improvement.

1, why do you want to study in Shanghai dragon

2, why should first learn Shanghai dragon theory to combat


I always think that this is the real

first learn Shanghai dragon theory has an advantage is that we in real time are better able to grasp the Shanghai dragon vein, this point is very important. If you do not understand what, how do we go to war? A smear eyes, the day walking to wrestling. When a lot of combat needs theory as a guide, although the theory from practical summary, but the former must Study hard crystallization. For example, every day we go to A5, Chinaz, a push, Shanghai dragon why these great learning website, which has a lot of experience of their predecessors left behind, these are the essence of the theory of knowledge, we must not let these learning opportunities.

, is the best teacher, we want to study Shanghai dragon must focus on combat, but in order to better learn faster Shanghai, we must have the most basic theoretical knowledge as the basis, so in combat when we can put these theories into our operation method thinking and execution. Here is what I want to give everybody talking about the first point: Shanghai dragon learning theory first and then to combat.


first I think we want to do the work of our Shanghai dragon necessary knowledge is certainly needed, then if we want to seize the advantage position in many Shanghai Longfeng workers, the system theory knowledge as the support is very necessary. The theory of knowledge of Shanghai dragon is not scattered and fragmentary knowledge, not individual and specific knowledge, but the system, common sense knowledge. Shanghai Longfeng learning theory knowledge we can do better to Shanghai dragon.

for learning I actually don’t want to publish their statements of a school today and have done recently, wind water >

theory has been in contact with everyday things, such as the choice of keywords, website updated articles pseudo original or original, outside the chain means there are four methods: blogs, forums, quizzes, classification of information. But for the theoretical knowledge of how many people are holding the attitude of contempt? I believe that many, many people feel that they are practical and theoretical knowledge, disdain for grasp, in fact from the beginning we are wrong, we can better grasp the theory to improve Shanghai Longfeng do.


3, how to learn the theoretical knowledge of Shanghai dragon

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