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Why build links are very important to Shanghai dragon

links recommended location: "href" stands for "link recommendation," quotes the text display links to URL. This does not always have to be a web page, it can be an image or file download address. Occasionally, you will see something other than a URL, starting with the # sign. These are the local link, take you to the page you have in different parts.

link building is to obtain their hyperlink process from other sites. Hyperlink (usually called link) is a way of user navigation between pages in Internet. The use of search engines to crawl the web link; they will crawl on your site links between the various pages, they will crawl the entire web link. There are many link building techniques, although they have different difficulty, Shanghai dragon tend to believe that link building is the most difficult part of the job. Many of the Shanghai Phoenix to spend a lot of time to do it. Therefore, if you can master the art of building high quality links, it can really get you ahead of the other Shanghai dragon and your competitors.

Shanghai dragon link is newly built or has been done for a long time, I believe you will find Shanghai dragon chain more simple. Shanghai dragon and link structures like the road landscape, need a variety of changes, not always a scenic hard link building. Today, the importance of establishing high quality link has never been so high. If your site to get good rankings, want to be in the online competition and development, must understand and implement high quality publication quality of the chain, the chain in Shanghai Longfeng rankings this minimum will not change soon. This guide is to make you the importance of rapid and correct understanding of the chain structures. Do we have a lot of details of Shanghai dragon to do, but we have to learn how to break down these details, this paper is mainly about the hyperlink for the website construction, I hope that beginners can love the article.

: what is the citation link building &

Visible / anchor text links

link >

markup: called anchor tag (hence "A"), open label, tell the search engine links to other things.

, a hyperlink analysis


: This is a little bit of Text users see on the page, if they want to open the link, they need to click on the text. The text is usually some way for formatting the text around it it talent shows itself, and often with a blue color and / or underscore signal to the user, it is a clickable link.

in order to understand the importance of link building, we must first understand the basic knowledge of how to create links, search engine how to view the links, and they can explain what the.


; why is it important?Whether your

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