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Love Shanghai again to crack down on junk the chain webmaster survive the cracks

networks avoid standing group of operation site

BBS signature of the chain is the chain chain form in the most simple, the most simple operation, many webmaster in order to pursue the chain of the railway station and a large number of input power to do BBS signature of the chain, the chain signature quality manual is also high, many owners in order to save the direct use of post top stick machine. Use Adsense keywords anchor text links on the signature of the forum, even if posted in the forum with the website of little relevance, there are still many webmaster to chain this way. Not knowing the BBS signature chain in Shanghai official has the chain that the garbage of low quality, new online to do weights, avoid forwarding a large number of forum posts, easy to cause the site is considered to be part of the optimization. The chain weight using the forum to reasonable, can find the relevant industry forum, publishing industry product information, to improve the user experience of natural entry links or anchor text, the forum outside the chain this is love Shanghai recognized, only for the web site to the corresponding weight transfer.

avoid a large increase in BBS signature chain

the default search engine links only 301 effective jump jump, the webmaster to cater to the search engine algorithm, return different results to users and search engines to search engine results more in line with the Shanghai dragon optimization, to the user does not consider the user experience, more users to display the visual impact. Black hat Shanghai dragon web page automatically jump to cheat, deceive the search engine, so as to improve the search engine ranking objective. Many.

4.25 love Shanghai official Lee once again issued a statement outside the chain, with the love of the Shanghai algorithm update, love Shanghai foreign chain high quality requirements more and more high, fell in love with the sea will crack down on spam links and cheat link. The competition pressure of the Internet is more and more big, the webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more difficult to crack down on love Shanghai, the webmaster to how to survive the cracks? The webmaster or followed the author together interpretation of love Shanghai algorithm, even if it is to survive the cracks.

avoid cheating link

network company marketing type site optimization, as soon as possible in order to meet customer requirements, key words in the shortest time on the front page, will use its own resources to customers, add the corresponding chain between each site, even if the IP address is different, the spider can also determine the site is for these stations operation. With the search engine algorithm, the chain sprocket group operation station has been unable to meet the needs of spiders, to the website construction of the chain can get higher, the webmaster don’t take shortcuts outside the chain, do the chain is very important. Love is very strict to Shanghai official stations hit, not to a webmaster to optimize the effect of the operation site of resources and loved Shanghai detected human cheating chain means, station group sites will be severely hit, the effect is not a problem of the site the.

The new

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