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love love Shanghai mule adjustment algorithm change System failure

estimated that today the webmaster forums and QQ group are quarreling, love in Shanghai last night to Shanghai dragon was a stick, almost 95% of the keyword are on the inside pages of (some 5 pages before even the first 10 pages are all content pages), it seems to me that love mules, this adjustment 80% the algorithm is not adjusted, is likely to be the internal faults in BD system, there are two reasons.

Effect of

can see a lot of keywords home appears some of the contents of the page are of no significance, some can be used simply too horrible to look at to describe, if this has been estimated, users will love Shanghai a bunch of tears to Google, just imagine, the average user does not want to bear fruit in Shanghai found love, will be on Google and other search engine Sogou if, has not been able to find love in Shanghai, many people will slowly close to other search engines. I can think of love, not to think of Shanghai, only one explanation is the love of Shanghai internal problem.

a lot of Shanghai dragon see today may decline in the rankings, wantonly adjust their website, may have been no problem, but adjustment is out of the question, this caution the webmaster, do not rush to adjust the site, whether it is love or Shanghai’s own adjustment algorithm, to observe a period of time to see this! Provide, I love mules from the original: 贵族宝贝ebaite贵族宝贝/blog/post/16.html, welcome to reprint, if you don’t mind, please keep the author and links.

, a great user experience

two, completely lawless

this adjustment did not see what the trend, there is a row of those rankings, at least I don’t see what rules, if you love Shanghai in order to deal with some of the edge words and some black hat, may do some keyword adjustment, but so that almost all words are adjusted, there is no need.

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