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Love Shanghai keyword ranking dropped what to do how to solve

what aspects of

second is that we want to drop right before two to four weeks we have done a detailed analysis, and what actions. Some people may ask, why not one to six weeks, or, to around? Why is two to four weeks? Because the calculation period for love Shanghai website weight is two to four. That is to say you add a few high weight links today, you want to let it take effect, need two to four weeks to complete effect. It is half a month after the effect can be reflected. This is very important, but not all boils down to two to four weeks, some new sites are exceptional, because what? Because it’s weight is very sensitive, do not set the template.

Whether it is love or

today is mainly to Jiang love Shanghai dropped to do? Especially in this period of time, we all go home, no time to take care of their own website, although there is no significant decline, but more or less keyword ranking will decline, so for this problem, to explain.

Shanghai ranked Google ranking dropped, key is to find the source. The trouble should end it, we must first know the reason down right, we must find the reason down the right, to the targeted recovery. No matter what kind of degree drop right, we must begin to analyze from several aspects.

first we need to know that the common cause of love Shanghai right down there? If we do not know this, as we do not eat with chopsticks, is a very painful thing, so what are the factors that do not a Shanghai, first we have to know the common right down. Because we can not just to invent a factor, so we should adopt the method of exclusion, exclusion of one by one, finally find the factors.

everyone wants to know the ranking dropped, how to raise it up, even if there is no decline, believe that the webmaster friends will encounter this problem in the future, this problem is the webmaster friends must be experienced.


third points is that if you have to do the daily operation record, you can find traces from the very. Why is this important? If you record the chain you do, when your site down the right, you can see the basic situation of the chain, which is not the site was K, and your site, so spend a little time every day, take it have you recorded for later analysis for your ranking, because some people have a keywords ranking do go up, but do not know how to do it. There are people so confused. Why? Because you do not record. Right? So the record is very important, you must pay attention to the future and make a record. If you do not record that only rely on your head to recall. Then the general order of what we remember? We have a very good law, we then first to tell you.

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