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came to Shanghai by the wise remark of an experienced person to the performance of the company to

" website diagnosis proposal

this morning, finishing the computer data, a folder found occasionally in the computer D disk, "2013.4.20" from the web site diagnosis proposal, folder names can be seen to be nearly 2 years data of Shanghai dragon, see the file, my memory is like a tide out. Although due to various reasons no longer responsible for the project, but my feelings about this project, my team and I grow up together, learn together and share the success, failure days, always let me miss, wish to go back to the time

buried long "2013.4.20


when I opened the Shanghai dragon diagnosis proposal, see Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Engineer A5 east of our company’s website, the website from title, domain name, space, content construction, within the chain, the chain and other aspects of the full range of a list, one by one to solve. The diagnosis before our brand word is not in the love of Shanghai home, after the diagnosis of our brand word quickly stable in love the first position in Shanghai, and soon after, the core of our industry is also on the word love Shanghai home, finally from the 13 years since May has remained in the top three Shanghai love home position.


website ranking well, natural flow increases, the conversion rate of follow-up, the visit quantity, signing, performance is also rising thing, at the end of 13 years, sales exceeded 15 million mark, as the network operations director I get in the hands of money not less. As for how much you share with me from the side: I realize this year.

After the

on the site until now still fresh, then the site has just experienced the 2012 K tide, website ranking and the data are up and down, is very unstable, at the beginning of the 13 year, as Shanghai dragon head, also has been seeking a breakthrough, finally saw the website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services in the master station A5 station network on. When the heart is not reliable, the company benefits are not particularly good, look for a company to apply for funding difficulties, but also own the diagnosis is not what confidence effect can not be guaranteed, so I mind to come to their own money to do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis. I remember very clearly that when the A5 station network of Shanghai Dragon Team (now A5 Marketing) do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis cost is not very high, only a few thousand yuan, barely able to afford. When the diagnosis is submitted to me, my team with the first-class execution execution diagnosis proposal, did not take long to see a significant effect.

I remember a long time ago, in A5 also published an article in the "enterprise network marketing station how to do grassroots webmaster optimization the tragic history of Shanghai dragon", tells the story of a Shanghai Phoenix, the network marketing from the entry process until then, today, this article is about as how entry to a process improvement own ability.

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