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How to adjust the face of love Shanghai contrarian

1, from the second day, I still insist on update every day, one day 4-5 article, my article is to modify the collection from other websites, I have a habit, a collection of articles from different sites, a collection of a website, and then go to the station on a blog update in general, the collection of the day, I believe that we have the same feeling.

September 21 Japanese wrote an article "analysis: love Shanghai ranking of logistics website adjustment" article, leaving the Xinxiang moving company. At the end, the second day appeared on the Internet a lot of reprint articles, some of the Xinxiang moving company website reprint, many only reproduced the article. Then I can’t wait to use the webmaster tools to check the love of Shanghai Xinxiang moving company ranking, ranking back yet, because the original many articles online said in Shanghai news source text will have unexpected effect, the result was disappointing, Xinxiang moving, moving company in Xinxiang, the two main keyword ranking in Shanghai love one hundred, only the Xinxiang moving company to move the two Xinxiang Polarsun keyword ranking in more than 60, how to do, helpless and wait for


3, because we are the network company site a lot, observed in Xinxiang moving company rankings, also observed a lubrication website ranking, the original ranking in the second page, since September 6th up to the first page, ninth of the eighth best of fifth, love Shanghai faster next update, the chain more than 200, included more than 40, no chain, no updates, very magical, think only is he made one-way links, re analysis of the chain chain to find the different love Shanghai news sources and are.

2, then I also note reprinted in A5 station hair soft Wen, found in the reprint volume continued to expand, still is reprinted articles, reprinted articles from the less, because I first put this article in my Xinxiang moving company website, so keep the moving company in Xinxiang link. And then check the moving company in Xinxiang love Shanghai ranking, Xinxiang moving company telephone, Xinxiang, move, the two ranking also back, Xinxiang moving company telephone back to more than 90, Xinxiang ranked one hundred outside the CIS move. All stations when moving Xinxiang love Shanghai home and moving company in Xinxiang Shanghai love home was gone, very crazy ah. How to do the chain, my more than 10 thousand, are in the professional logistics related website built on the move of shops, there are no major fluctuations, is not outside the chain, I updated every day, and pay attention to modify the content, it is not the factor content of the domain name, I is the only new more than two months. Is not the problem of domain name, I do not have this station click with the software, it can not be on the problem, which is why I do the three new Xinxiang moving station in Shanghai 100 outside? I believe that this is a post, the new Shanghai team – love love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in Lee. Try to adjust, there will be a fire. Call the customer in the rush, I can only say good relative, explaining the reasons for the time.

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