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Shanghai dragon but don’t sick people website

network rubbish!You go to the

1. forum, Post Bar replies is nothing more than to leave the chain, hoping to accumulate a large number of the chain number in a short period of time. The most common here in the network: the garbage is directly to find a passage of ctrl+c and ctrl+v or a "good stuff in the article, points out", so that the chain do not worth mentioning.


from 贵族宝贝cn-swy贵族宝贝, please link.

2. where a large number of network rubbish to say the formation of another way is to have a blog, blog Master said not only stable and is a good way to transfer the weight, thus caused the situation now. Many feel that they can adhere to the Shanghai dragon crew crazy started a blog, but later needless to say, can really stick with fresh things to feed a few blog. Many bloggers are idle, useless, is more of a number of people began to use some similar blog tools.

these two days have been thinking about a problem, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er on our own site optimization at the same time, never thought I made a lot of network garbage. From the production of a website network garbage can be seen in Shanghai Longfeng level optimization personnel behind this site. These days with a lot of people think chat optimization master, they always come with some new people in Shanghai Dragon said, Shanghai dragon is a very boring thing is no fun. Here, if anyone in the search engine optimization think this is a very boring thing, it means that you have been in the manufacturing network garbage, not really reflect your value.

personally think that the network environment is just like a online office we do Shanghai dragon people, every day inside garbage everywhere, throwing cigarette butts all over the floor, we are in the mood to work? The words of a HuanWeiJu slogan "you throw the garbage is not, and moral quality".

3. people collect the original article is actually a very immoral things, just contact the site has done such a thing, but when a site was collected, even when the past statistical code acquisition. I understand, I understand. The most common is now a lot of garbage sites on the screen is a page, the following screen is a large collection of articles, webmaster comrades, you refuse site you look comfortable? Have the user experience of

said there may be many people did not understand what is the network garbage, I use examples and the truth of the facts, to tell you exactly what is

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