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Private hospitals do not bid also do band performance

since the beginning of April 5th, Putian and Shanghai love between news filled with medical practitioners of the circle of friends, until now I still occasionally see a circle of friends, see many Putian and Shanghai love news Internet exports; a circle of friends to share is nothing more than the following types:


4, Putian Department of the hospital to suspend the auction on the Shanghai stock market crash, love

I give you detailed decomposition:

the hospital advantage project site (2 sites; such as:

, 1 medical practitioners of personal emotion

Shanghai Dragon (Shanghai dragon is the site optimization, keyword optimization, to guide customers to click on the ranking, communication, an important means of low cost

2, support Putian or support the love of Shanghai

medical Shanghai dragon can include: website optimization, news sources (Cambridge, Beijing LIAN, Beijing united, heat source) sub domain contract, foreign cooperation (accumulation of keywords, Albert, 360 day Lu brush keywords)


a lot of private hospital performance and 90% from the line, the line is the main means of what

offline promotion channels (Metro newspaper, the next line store customer resources cooperation), buying competitors business information (which we caution, moral problems; but as far as I know there are so many hospitals in the operation, the effect is also good)

3, love Shanghai bidding do, private hospitals should use what channel to do the performance of

5, mining the medical department of Putian gangster background


is bidding (love Shanghai, accounted for the bulk of 360, Sogou, Google (14 years ago in some hospitals will also operate), Shanghai (the Dragon inside the Shanghai dragon involves relatively wide), third rebate network (similar to free beauty, beauty Amoy mall, Oriental Hong and so on, new media (WeChat) QQ group, micro-blog, new, unfamiliar street, oxygen, really beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful crazy artifact and so on), between the third parties (vertical website registered net, 39 Health Network, 120ASK, Xunyiwenyao net,

searchDo you

brand word: all sites must be at least 2 brand layout, site (this is like Jingdong, please do not understand the love of Shanghai search Jingdong) Note: when their own brand word without reason is not your

1, website optimization: first need to determine a website, supplemented by other sites; all websites need to optimize brand keyword ranking, which is relatively easy; but we should know the brand word conversion rate is very high, such that


share is not doing as well as the specific method of bidding, what kind of door? Bring performance? The author detailed and comprehensive explanation; the title of this thesis is "private hospitals do not bid, the bid of Shanghai not only decide on what path to follow?" love, do not all bidding.

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