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Shanghai Longfeng hematemesis share 3 days 1 of the weight of non black hat

I bought a domain name in December 7th, want to do advertising alliance, and then select the drive program, on the Internet to find a template is relatively simple, because we all know that the home is smaller in favor of optimization, after the template, I started to do the station. After half an hour of hard work, finally be accomplished website. Because the station is very important, so I love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, the score is out of 5 stars,

OK, the station outside the station is good, then, to some high weight platform to release some of the chain, then the site quickly update the article, whether acquisition or, or original or. The next few days, looking for the latest news, of course, because love Shanghai haven’t included a lot of the news information, if your website has been updated, it will be considered the original. As we all know, love is love Shanghai new content, and my station is updated with the latest information, and every hour to update the 5-10, not short. Then the article share, through the love of Shanghai to share and some good web bookmarks, continue to share new articles, love Shanghai will attach great importance to this website. See the screenshot

Oh, how to do well in the station optimization is actually very simple, is the content, and customer experience, eventually, if the need to optimize the outsourcing, you can find me.

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