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Please attach great importance to it Keywords tag force

from this point of view, some people may think that love in Shanghai appears the site itself associated with the keyword ROM base, there is enough weight in the home page, given the keyword ranking. I had also thought so, so deliberately looking for a few similar websites were compared as follows:

according to the situation described above, combined with the love of Shanghai Webmaster Tools site experience is related to the site of three major labels as a factor score in the website, we have reason to believe that the love of Shanghai is still fancy keywords tags. So here to remind the webmaster friends, we should attach great importance to the keywords label, of course, to prevent the accumulation of key words of this phenomenon, because of excessive, is easy to cause the site was K. The article by ROM 贵族宝贝romzhijia.net feeds, reproduced please keep the source

A keyword

From the early , thank you!

this web page: ROM appeared on the front page of the base in addition to a Keywords tag, never appeared in other places, the keyword density as can be imagined. As for the key chain is made of the word ROM base? At least I told my colleagues are not done outside the chain of this word, there is no exchange of this keyword Links. Here is a look at the performance of the keyword ROM home ROM base: ROM base love Shanghai index 593 ranked 2.

higher ROM home another site and depth rm-607 web sites are about ROM and brush the contents of the website. But they did not contain the words inside the home keywords ROM base, and through the love of Shanghai search ROM base, nor in the hundreds. In contrast, ROM home the operation site only because the home to write the keywords Keywords tag ROM base, is ranked second. As can be imagined, keywords still have a very great effect on the keyword ranking.

The weight of

by keywords keyword can put up, to the back of the writing can not write, the Keywords tag experienced its peak, fell over the valley. And now we should have a positive attitude towards it. In fact, the author of the keywords label before that can write can not write, but it is best to write the state. But the recent observation of a website ROM www.romzhijia.net, was aware of the importance of keywords, the webmaster friends can go to see if this is the case:

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