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Shanghai dragon will gradually become standardization

1, "structure of regular

2, relevant content regularization


One of the reasons for the success of With the continuous adjustment of Shanghai

love the search engine algorithm, more and more Shanghai Longfeng Er felt enormous pressure. Because they are not confident, they know enough to believe that their website value. Shanghai Longfeng due to lack of knowledge, can not fully understand the Shanghai dragon essence. In the actual operation process will inevitably exist many problems, partly because of their own reasons, the other part is uncontrollable factors. Through the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm adjustment, there is no doubt that the love of Shanghai will take further measures to the irregular Shanghai dragon gradually abandoned, more and more formal. As the use of Shanghai dragon marketing, must first have consciousness, from the user perspective, let search engines follow our pace, rather than passive, what we study what changes in search engine. Therefore, Shanghai dragon wants to continue for a long time, must be standardized in the end.

The significance of the existence of

many large web site operators are at the beginning of the site, the front design always consider the user experience. From the aesthetic fatigue of users to consider the issue, page design not only is more pleasing to the eye of beautiful and natural. Of course, the appearance is one of the most important links in the page design, as a good designer or team must first master the website of the audience, to consider the issue from the side of the audience’s senses, senses because of the different groups have the obvious difference, at the same time in the design of web page structure, more is to consider the user click behavior and reading behavior. Considering the user clicks from the general Internet users, however, are so many web site problems, users do not understand the quickest way to click on the area, unable to find the hearts of the content of the answer. The act of reading is very important, through the reading habits of their usual and sampling survey data, this should be easy.


3, Shanghai.

website for users, is undoubtedly the solution to the doubt in mind looking through the search engine after entering the page, this website content value is gradually reflected, for the search engine and users, web content value is often better in proportion. However, many marketers in the Shanghai dragon, has gradually began to confusion and even distorted by excessive or black hat optimization of Shanghai dragon behavior, create a lot of repetitive content, not only caused its "high repeatability, the Internet and the gradual deterioration of ecological environment, in order to improve the situation, suggestions for marketers to create more rich and more comprehensive the web page is less refined, so that users can only read a web page can solve puzzles. The Internet has many related content, there are more repetitive content in many related content, this requires marketers to jump out of the wall, can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the wall.

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