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Two basic routes to Shanghai one of the Dragon


station optimization for Shanghai Dragon Wing

is the user experience, user experience, to achieve the optimization of website. From the website content, website function, website operation and other aspects of comprehensive optimization, it is all to do with the ultimate experience of Shanghai dragon. Therefore, no matter how high your website ranking, keyword position is >


user experience as the core of Shanghai dragon

about the station optimization and stood outside optimization, can be summed up as the Shanghai dragon wings. The station optimization called Shanghai dragon wing. General station optimization can be subdivided into "code and label optimization" and "content" URL optimization optimization "". About in the station optimization process, code labels and domain name on the site optimization, the beginning of construction should be the basic layout. The contents of three kinds of optimization is the maximum flexibility of a station optimization, the main reference is search engine evaluation. Now with the new algorithm of search engine, change it on the website of the station optimization needs more and more high. So the content optimization is the focus you need to consider. On the construction of website, mainly to grasp the quality problems. This is not a simple pseudo original can, it need know enough for an industry, can write something to let search engines love. The effect of the quality of the optimization of the decision, on the original article, how to write false original article, here is not described.

what is the "two one"

the "two one" is to do in Shanghai Longfeng process, to the user experience as the core, in the station optimization and stood outside optimization as the guiding ideology of the basic way, and ultimately to the user experience as the core, in the station optimization and stood outside optimization operation mode for Shanghai dragon wings. On this model, the following I will some detailed analysis.

method to prepare Shanghai Longfeng many techniques are also a lot of Shanghai Longfeng summed up a lot of er. In fact, nothing more than to increase the site to improve the quality of content, reasonable link foreign chain within the chain, these are a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem. So how to make the Shanghai dragon, eventually, can be simply summarized as "two in one"

station optimization is a very general term. It includes links to external sites and web site brand promotion. Many outside the station of Shanghai Longfeng commonly used methods are: Links forum, blog, classification of information, bookmarks, inquiry platform, business platform etc.. These are the basic methods of the chain increase. But if you want to make your web site outside of the chain is more stable, so the weight of the high site external links is to optimize the Shanghai dragon chain preferred. But how to choose the high quality of the chain, webmasters need usually accumulate observation. To stand outside optimization, not only depends on the weight of the main station, also want to see you hair outer chain included fast, the number of anchor text and diversity to do good and so on many aspects.

left Shanghai Longfeng station optimization for

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