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Website promotion of good and bad relationship to the success and failure of the site

if you want to own website promotion success, so most should do a good job is the site of the directory and related sites, these two parts are indispensable complement each other. However, if in the process of promoting their site in the wrong way, will greatly reduce the site’s traffic, more terrible is that your site will eventually become a garbage site. So, if you want to avoid encounter errors in the extension, we must seriously treat the website promotion on website construction, website promotion of good and bad relationship to the success and failure of the site.

1. pre planning of the site: this process requires a domain selection, and detailed definition of the site title, website keywords, website introduction, website etc.. To improve everything good later can be uploaded to the WEB host. For the choice of the host, personally think that must choose a stable and affordable, bought do not look at the price, it is important to see the host’s reputation. If the word no, you do not want to buy cheap host, because the host instability will bring a lot of trouble to you. For example: traffic decline, reduce weight, and may even be your site search engine K off. So, this is the choice of the host be unbearable to contemplate the consequences.

site must have a complete plan, this plan including: site planning, mid early site optimization and later website promotion.


3. website promotion: this part is very important, you do not do the promotion, website traffic will be very low. I want you to do is basically to make money for the purpose of making money, but how much depends on how much traffic, how is the effect. So do website promotion is a small slow living, to.

now has a lot of people want to create their own web site, in building site early, will be carefully planning their own website, for example: the site name, site columns, site title etc.. Set up, can put their own websites out, while the Web sites submitted to the search engine.

2.: the middle station optimization program is uploaded to the host site after optimization and update to do the task in the station is. Shanghai Longfeng has a very important dictum that "content is king, the chain is king" and this is what meaning, I think you understand. So, the website to be updated daily, the article is the best original content, if you don’t have time to have the energy that can be false original update, add some appropriate anchor text should be in the process of updating, the anchor text on your main keywords website; secondly the head and tail must to have the main keywords, the article also label area should also add keywords, it is the middle of the station optimization.

web site to promote early, to do the program, to collect relevant information according to their site types, and a lot of publicity. QQ group, forum, Post Bar, Post Bar head etc. These are very good promotion methods.

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