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The top 10 Shanghai dragon misunderstanding

Flash may be attractive, because of beautiful, but this is not in line with the search engine and user experience. If you really insist the website is based on the Flash, you want the search engine love it, it must also provide a version of HTML. The search engine doesn’t love Flash that’s why spiders can not read the contents of Flash, so it can not be indexed.


3, Flash

4, Javascript

Shanghai Longfeng misunderstanding for many friends all know, here in Hunan Shanghai dragon tidied the wrong operation before ten, the hope can help to you.

5, the lack of consistency and execution of

for the wrong keywords

2, ignore the title tag


Javascript for the use of navigation is not impossible, but you have to understand that the search engine will not read Javascript, and accordingly build your own web page. So, if you want to select the Javascript menu, you should consider building a site map (or script tags link), so all your links will be crawling.

this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, if you want to succeed, you need to optimize your site permanently, pay attention to your competitors, but also need to understand the search.

Shanghai Longfeng top ten


many site < title> tag is empty is also very common. This is one of the most important places, have a keyword, because it can not only help you in the optimization, and the text in the < site; title> tag will be displayed in the search results page title.

in key words, many people will make mistakes, even very experienced experts in Shanghai dragon. When people choose keywords, in their minds is sure to describe your site in the first place, but a lot of words basically is not to search for customers. For example, if you have a keyword is "relationship" website, you may find that the word "Relationship Guide" but can’t bring you traffic! Even if it is the keyword "relationship", and you will find the word "dating advice" was very surprised to bring you a lot of traffic. What explains this? In the choice of keywords is to conceive and consider carefully. Choose the right keywords can make your work easier in Shanghai dragon. Even if you are very clever, but don’t you think your head can be put into a large vocabulary, so here suggest that there must be a good keyword suggestion tool, for example, there are a lot of website’s keyword suggestion tool will help you find your site key word.


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