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Web page weight two upgrade power essential column

use the anchor text site itself was to bring home the article page weight, we also need to add some of the anchor text pointing to our two columns to the spider crawling on the main page, also is to let the spider know our website under the domain name and other pages, is one of the most simple method is to build a web site just like the www.qqya.cc map, this station is pointing to the homepage by >

(three) and let page weight to achieve the best effect.

(two) some of the benefits of using two columns to the home page lead weights.


often learn Shanghai dragon marketing friends know this case Taobao guest single page marketing ", they use the home page to promote their products, in order to make a profit, but this single page website weight is also very good, has a good position in the search engine, then how is he do it? That is not a mystery, as long as you open the website source code, you will find that they are all released some products information using the two directories on the home page, call, and then through the CSS set to the users do not see the form to realize, but in fact these spiders can crawl the page or. And in the two section of the article has a lot of keyword anchor text point to the home page, let the spider put the weight between pages are delivered to the home page, so the weight will naturally improve a lot, for a long time, web site keywords ranking the first page is naturally.

in these years to do the station that actually use two columns for the homepage with weights is a province of time and effort. Webmasters may not think so, here Xiaobian to explain. As we do in the outside world is very comfortable to sit in front of the computer every day, nothing to do, but the real owners all know is very tired, especially spend a lot of time when we write, only to write original, pseudo original to please the spider, so in such a case, the use of single page marketing is very persuasive. So the use of these two columns can not affect the user experience of the case, the weight transfer well to the home page. And it is the formal approach, will not be down the right search engine.

do stand friends all know that a site has good weight good rankings with their web domain name is closely linked, usually a good content, and in the outside exposure rate is higher, it can get a good ranking in the search engine, it also created a lot of the station to the chain of this column a Daily website optimization will do the work, but in the small station doing all these years of experience, the chain does not need many, the key lies in the quality of. And the internal optimization is the decision of success, so today Xiaobian to share Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization in common two columns to help, I hope to help you.

(a) to build the website structure reasonable, using two tips page weight.

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