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What are the effects of the TAG tag in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization


what effect?

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Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

TAG tags and keywords have the same important position, I think the key words to search engine, and the TAG tag is for the user, direct visitors. Many websites will put TAG tags displayed in the foreground, such as a website for me, this is a filter products website, its TAG tag is shown below each article title, although not too eye-catching, but the user can find the opening TAG tag all the. So I think that the TAG tag is own to the classification, and then put some related articles in this category, is convenient for users to browse. For example, your article is titled "the diesel filter machine. The maintenance of common sense", the TAG tag can "air filter" or "diesel filter".


a lot of people do not know the TAG label Shenyang Shanghai dragon in the optimization of what specific things, on the website of Shenyang Shanghai dragon optimization will bring what kind of impact, first I site with CMS has been added TAG tag, but Shenyang Shanghai dragon has been the application of optimization is not enough, some when it is empty, sometimes directly write words, it is essential for a healthy website of Shenyang Shanghai dragon optimization may be what influence will be fu/mian, then the TAG label

3, TAG tags in the Shanghai dragon in optimization

website right down topics:

1, the TAG tag is what

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

2, TAG tags written

through the introduction of the above, we believe that the TAG tag has a certain understanding, but we also mentioned above TAG tag syntax examples, and keywords, write the TAG tag is also a lot of stress. The first point is clear TAG label for the user, so the TAG label must accord with the article content.

special chain optimization:

said some TAG tags written, I believe many people have this question, I wrote a TAG label what role? TAG tag role can not be ignored, first look at a command: site, I believe that this command too familiar, but it can not only check included the website included, can also check the specific articles.

Effect of

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