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About Shanghai dragon Er mentality don’t get emotional about ranking

ranking is there, not high not low

ranking in the heart, quietly stick to your

you cry, laugh or

, or in

ranking is there, not sad not happy

it was a Indoorsman, not the money to the house, as a novice with confidence, fresh things full of longing and infinite want to use it so just fishing for gold, spend all the effort to do it, for this house. That kind of feeling, if you describe it, should be a lottery mentality, feel your persistence will be rewarded. So, it has been in the house, a day sitting in front of the computer, with their own "newborn". Sometimes, my girlfriend also complained that I said, since the Shanghai dragon, I communicate with her less obvious, even in order to rank unstable temper to her. But these, I do not realize. Until now, in retrospect, feel very sorry for her, and for ranking emotional yourself pretty funny. Just as a necessary road for beginners, I don’t say much, according to the poem Yingjiacuo bin, I jokingly made a doggerel. Is the original, entertain, here also give you a happy

remember when I first learned to do a website, is a university graduate early, through a chance to learn the Shanghai dragon technology. That time alone, just online met some webmaster friends like me. One is not money, it is new, so that when all thoughts are on the dragon in Shanghai. Do Shanghai city began to hear of the dragon, also quickly registered the domain name, buy a space, the first real build website. Because of the space problem, the website also was forced to move home, at that time, every day staring at the rankings look, open your eyes in the morning, open the computer, take a look at my ranking, on the day, XQ is very comfortable, the feeling uncomfortable, but also a lot of comfort myself, this is normal, but everyone knows, heart, really very uncomfortable, after all, this is the first of my children". I really think he can grow up, no matter he can bring me interest.

!You are not in

recently, a good webmaster friends call me to complain that he hasn’t been sleeping well for two days, several customer station, the ranking has been falling, even a weekend would not let him live. After hearing his nagging, I see light suddenly, the original is for this. I remember a few days ago, he gave me his own station Sirleaf said, old rankings are good, I could imagine his smile. So, I joke, he said: "you do not have one or two years, how to talk to a newcomer like, for ranking moods. OK, I will not say, do not sleep, but the other you want to go." Then, also do not listen to his words, hang up the phone, to drink tea, however, this morning, a customer gave me a call, said he stood off how ranking.

you miss, or not miss

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