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How to make the target keyword targeted

now that you know what is the target keywords, then how to choose the target keywords has become a priority among priorities.


select the target keywords to assess the overall site, personnel allocation, industry characteristics, competitive. If the promotion stage of the site are as follows: Shanghai dragon, for promotion, DM ads, car ads, TV media, micro platform marketing comprehensive brand website construction, so the website can choose keywords is hot, if we are just a small entrepreneurial team or only limited funds as the first network launch. The target words more easily as the first step.


is the target keywords we in Shanghai Longfeng process a very important factor, then what is the relationship between the target keywords and website

target keywords should be selected on the website of the industry, products and services to fully grasp, will select multiple target keywords; analysis by configuration optimization and site maintenance staff personnel, if there is no more personnel to carry out maintenance of website, you do not set the key words is hot, because of the large amount of search keywords home page ranking basically industry websites or news portals, if you choose this keyword for us undoubtedly of great difficulty, and no optimization nor ranking on the site how much help, were first screened through their own web site keywords; after that, we will consider according to industry competition, industry the leading enterprises occupy a space for one person in the network rankings basically, so we can according to the competition Hand to contrastive analysis, I can do better than they, re screening target keywords; finally, a few words we can by screening out the reasonable analysis, final confirmation.

In fact,

if the target keywords do very well, it will become a synonym for the brand website, but also opened the first well-known elements of future. For example, we often see the "Jingdong mall" and "suning贵族宝贝" and "Taobao" even "love Shanghai" they are not doing the corresponding industry’s core keywords, but by the brand as the target keywords to optimize. Because the first several examples and no "online shopping" as pure target keywords, but also love Shanghai will not "search engine" as keywords, so it used to set the target keywords brand is a very good optimization method, but also a practical way.

many friends in the process of Shanghai dragon on the site, there is no effective planning of keywords, and only the feeling which keywords is hot, relatively good choice which did not make the target keywords play the biggest role, so how to target key words at

how to choose keywords?

what is the target keywords and target keywords? We often say that the most important keywords, but also we often a word: your website what keywords? The key is the target keywords.

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