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Website optimization how to lay a solid foundation

, "in the beginning of the design, there are many factors to consider, the main factor is the user experience, followed by the optimization effect, only the reasonable layout and perfect user experience, will bring certain effect to a web site, users are not happy.

website optimization has been to Silia pounds is known, but how to make the desired effect that Shanghai dragon is always a difficult problem, with the time of return, Shanghai dragon more and more, large size of Shanghai dragon is also more and more, and in these people, a large part of Shanghai dragon is know some wrong, Shanghai dragon website optimization work is also very important, the first preparatory work must be done:

3, reasonable selection procedures, a good program for the development of the website and the user experience has a key role at the start of the program, if not selected, then the revision will also face a problem if the program insufficiency involves days after the development and transformation of time and capital consumption large, recommended procedures are: DEDECMS, WORDPRESS, PHOME, zblog, phpcms, discuz and other mainstream programs, it is recommended to use the WORDPRESS and ZBLOG personal website optimization, large portal portal website and recommend the use of PHOME, recommended by DEDECMS, discuz, phpcms.

2, the choice of the domain name, choose a good domain name is a natural factor of Shanghai dragon, because the domain name if there is a problem that the basic site is white to play, so the domain name registrar selection is very crucial, try to choose some of the big IDC, don’t choose some small agents, more do not choose DNS the problem of IDC every two or three days, here recommended nets of domain name, although the future development or very cost-effective. The second is the domain name of the association of Shanghai dragon can also play a role, for example: my domain name is www.caizi.net.cn, and I have to do the words "wit", with the domain name will be relatively good do a lot, but if I use abc贵族宝贝, the optimization effect will be not as good as my caizi.net.cn, because the search engine has the interpretation of factors some of that is the domain name in pinyin, the correlation are important factors, although not large, but there is still a little, in the fierce competition, a very little detail is likely to defeat the opponent.

1, host selection, good speaker will be the site of the virtual development and stability and ranking a big advantage, one often can’t open the website, search engines will not love, so we can choose not to trust the host, do not choose the poor quality, unstable and cheap to host, virtual the host personal recommendation here all its advantages, is stable performance, good service, although slower, but also has independent IP, from the same server site is down right and joint.

4 web design and reasonable

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