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The web page title how to do Shanghai Dragon


a website is not only a home page and column page, news page, product page, page labels and so on, the page title how to do? We may understand what I mean, or I want to say is all I want to say you are wrong, you say I understand I said, you do not understand, what is it? Look at the following

column page is the most important content of the fit is correlation, the contents related to the large number of stacked together in the title above can be done to expand the appropriate, to meet our proposition of accurate content, the column content of many, the integration of many aspects, if only the title named single keywords or long tail word is it is not accurate enough, so we can put the appropriate title to the construction site expansion, for example, can take the title set to include website information, website templates, technical documents and other content title.

: the first page titleThe

third: news page


column page the title of the most important is how to put this part of the most detailed to allow users to understand the first time, with an idiom is clear, in it but we need to work hard. How can let the user at a glance? I don’t have what good way in it, the best way is (to the construction site for example) website construction, information, help, templates, this is one of the most simple way is the most clear.


second: column page

page title, in fact as long as a word to sum up, meet the above keywords you try to show your special advantage, give people a sense of themselves, meaning that people desire to click. May we have a lot of questions, I will tell you something about how I do the page title, keyword number as little as possible, match 2, split match 4~5, the key to highlight the advantages of the product or service characteristics increase the click rate. So why do little website keywords? Now because of the competition, it is not easy to do, this sentence can be said to be the phrase. Now do the site optimization keywords, whether large or small companies are doing, large companies have been accounted for the advantage of their words can be a lot of us? Small company website or once the new station to do anything, so we first identified one or two main keywords carefully optimized keywords less, site related degree high ranking rose too fast, also made some achievements, then how to do other words? Want to do other keywords, as long as the website, there will be other page keywords, can do more to go. Only the main page keywords, to avoid a bad situation and keywords ranking, web site building as an example, as long as you will be the site of the building do first, then the key words about the website construction of such rankings are some, this is the home page of key words with less confining.

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