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To optimize the three stage the website ranking is so simple

the contents of the website design, and can be in different directory page, professional solutions for different problems, give users a VIP feeling, can bring loyal users for the website, improve website viscosity.

is also based on the preliminary site layout of our users the main demand analysis of the industry and determined, in general to find user groups, data combined with user psychological logic, will be the site of the plate layout as far as possible simple and clear at a glance.

site can not be immutable and frozen to obtain the long-term stability of the rankings, this is also the reason why we should do regular fine-tuning the website. According to the maximum demand in different periods of the user, to make reasonable adjustments, to be able to stabilize the website ranking.

do website ranking for the purpose of online transactions, the website will become the focus of. But what we have to do before the drainage of navigation, we usually think of is the keyword of the website, the key stage we will know.

website ranking is not an easy thing, and the stability of its need to cooperate with our operation stage. In general we will website ranking optimization is divided into three stages before, is to focus on the content of their work but today I want to share with you the Dennis optimization in three stages.

the second stage, grasp the site layout, good design.

2, a combination of love Shanghai industry data website fine-tuning.

1, website integration data website fine-tuning.

data into the site and click on the residence time we can analyze the needs of industry users, according to the comprehensive data we will be able to enhance the position of popular demand, good order of importance, in response to user queries.

wants to bring to the site Everfount traffic, then we need to finalize the theme of the site, which is what we want to give the site a clear positioning. This is determined by the orientation of maximum quantitative analysis on the needs of industry users. By industry users of popular demand, understand the current industry user groups focused on the direction to find the theme of the website localization, in order to determine the site keywords to optimize.

Based on the

the third stage, the use of data and information, do website fine-tuning.


usually practice is according to the targeted user problems, each problem into a directory page, so that you can achieve the advantages of easy to choose a more intuitive, the. The single will separate words for different user needs, can reduce the user confusion in reading. At the same time, each directory page and can be regarded as the guide of the page the problem needs, in order to lead two of the demand, you can learn more about the user attention, to obtain the most reliable information for users, the website after trimming.

in the first stage, do the user needs analysis, positioning website keywords.

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