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Where is the problem of loss of visitors

2. sites, all keywords are a home. Although there are many words ranked in Shanghai love home, but are generally customers visited immediately after the turn off, because the positioning of the site is not strong, the customer to find your page, you need not feel his website content, will be shut down, the next time will not come.

1. was first to do, don’t do some false things, if you write something, are fabrications, not practical, will certainly make people feel sick, not experts may not know, but if knowledgeable people can know. In the course of time, believe that your site credibility will be reduced, finally will keep customers, because the fire cannot be wrapped up in paper.

webmaster friends all know, site traffic means what these traffic is your potential customers. For example, the entity shop, to your store to patronize people, is your potential customers. If you are a store selling something good, there will be back, or even the customer will help you propaganda. Similarly, after your website user access, can find the information they need, they will be your site to share. Therefore, before doing a website in you, the first to do the idea. To think about how to keep your customers.


To dig and your site related The core of

your site is doing what? You have to carry out data analysis. Check the website statistics, believe that every webmaster. Look at every day to customers from what is the search to your site, and then add the related content. If the flow of keywords to more, can consider to do two pages a page as a kind of related products, so targeted stronger, more easily locate the customer.

2. a website is content, if your site is only a shell, the user comes after seeing the page appearance, no content, can not retain users.

1. I have seen many

two, rich web content

three, true false


, you will be a site location

2. for example: some consumers buy a pair of shoes in a shop, the quality is not the manager said as well, finally you guess that consumers will not find the shopkeeper theory? If bad tempered consumers may directly request a refund. Now there are a lot of social.

1. every day, then arrange, expressed through their own language. I believe users are fickle. For the fresh things to love, this can not only improve the user experience of the website, but also by the spider love. If users see the content comparison of love, may help you to share, to help you do a free promotion.

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