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What do Shanghai dragon should avoid the spider trap

has many webmaster website love to jump, is to have high traffic, although the jump is a good way to attract traffic, but the jump set, the spider crawling process will reduce the degree of safety, finally also immediately exit, will scarce crawling site, so do the jump site don’t try to do the best jump.

jump There are a lot of

flash is the most web sites have, because flash can produce good effect to the website so many webmaster, love flash, but when the flash page is written a string of gibberish, so if your site is Shanghai dragon, so the spider crawling your site flash code, the spider may be misleading or not recognized, so the spider finally feel unsafe websites, do not trust the last exit, so your site may have the rare spider crawling consequences, it is recommended that you do not use GIF instead of dynamic pictures, flash.

mentioned a spider trap, have a lot of friends will think the spider trap is belongs to the black hat method, and the spider trap will be K off the site, so there are a lot of friends will avoid spider trap, in fact, the spider trap is not entirely black hat methods, some friends will ask, so the spider trap is what actually? The correct definition of spider trap is divided into two kinds, one is the malicious trap, the other is a non malicious trap, and for the two types of traps, the search engine punishment is not the same, which belongs to the black hat malicious trap, so search engine punishment will not hesitate, rather than malicious traps may be produced in the Shanghai dragon Er did not know the situation, so the search engine would be extended to non malicious trap, but death can huozui is up, so the spider trap whether malicious or non evil Italy, do search engine optimization will exist hidden trouble for us, so we have to pull the risks, so here to tell you we should avoid those spider trap:

non malicious spider trap is just at the beginning has been said, may be Shanghai dragon Er completely unaware of the situation, or some spider trap is not very serious, so the search engine will put this kind of spider trap is defined as non malicious trap, although non malicious, but the impact on the search engine, so much of our website is a long time to escape punishment, so we need to understand that non malicious trap is that we need to pay attention to, below to introduce some non malicious trap to you know:

1, flash

, a non malicious spider trap

dynamic URL website, and not static, we all know the Shanghai dragon static URL can help included, if the dynamic URL let the spider included, unless your site itself has a certain weight, for the new website, ur>

3, dynamic url

The formation of


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