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The medical network marketing way actually risk and price risk search


no medical network marketing, search engine ranking as a fundamental solution of

medical industry is restricted in other marketing channels (such as TV media are also on medical.

today, love Shanghai medical auction in a popular CCTV exposure and under the pressure of gradual convergence, although love Shanghai Xinyoubugan, but this is the final mode of medical bidding will exit the stage of history! What is it? A few years ago, Shanghai launched the love nest, poor effect. Today, Shanghai vigorously launched love love Shanghai health, the user experience has improved, but conversely, the threshold will be higher, the effect is not as good as the bidding! And search engine for their own profit, in the case of less export flow, can only raise prices. It is said that, in the search for promotion in medical industry, is certainly the cost will be higher, and the effect on


around 2010, the entire health care industry will be pushed to the extreme love of network marketing, Shanghai 3/4 bid from health care, 80% Internet stations and station from medical health. The so-called reach, today, is crazy after the fall trough, the medical industry network marketing

! !

bidding, became the core of medical network marketing. Previously, Shanghai had no restrictions on what the price of love, without any exaggeration, vulgar, integrity can be keyword bidding, the money on the line. Therefore, relates to the medical related keywords are competing in full screen, some popular medical words Click price actually achieved hundreds of high, shocked buddy. Although the competition between each other bidding click fraud increases the cost, but, as long as the marketing of the road, to spend the money is the conversion to the user

ranking, has been the focus of medical network marketing work. Previously, the search engine in the growth stage, relatively retarded, Shanghai dragon to carry out the work is relatively easy, layout keywords, under the chain will have ranking, ranking will flow, want to have more traffic with the addition or multiplication, do more websites, do key words more and more traffic will come. As a result, stations began to spread in the medical industry marketing! Although the website and labor costs increased sharply, but, as long as the search path is smooth, spend money is transformed to the user




bidding risk

!The risk of

no medical network marketing, love Shanghai bidding such as zhuangshiduanwan

today, the search engine is more and more mature, and gradually improve the rules, and the search engine for the special care of the medical industry, in the past two years, the medical profession in the search engine, is coupled with the entire health care industry Starving people fill the land.! Before the marketing is in the process of training out of the utilitarian heart, most people can not accept the result. This reality, to start again, the majority refused to Jiangdong to see, before the user cheated! Still survive in the search engine in medical sites, mostly fear, do not know the day will be over

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