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The pseudo original is absolutely not blindly copying the original

second, pseudo original target is its essence, to its dregs. Only had very good content to improve, it can attract more people’s attention. Many friends say copycat, but why there are a lot of people love to copycat copycat? Because from the perspective of users, allowing users to pay less equal interests or more benefits.

What is the ?

as everyone knows, the pure acquisition is very bad for us. All aspects of our website weight than others, collecting things even included also won’t the corresponding seat in front of. It is considered plagiarism is more The loss outweighs the gain.. So the pseudo original is a better choice. The machine is divided into pseudo original and artificial, relatively machine pseudo original content to read many fundamental impassability, no user experience value, it will make people disgusted. So we suggest that artificial pseudo original guardian.

first of all, we should pay attention to the pseudo original user experience value, did not experience the value of things, even if the original is rubbish. For a more popular articles, as long as we use our appropriate elements to express. Because of its high value, users will love, so the experience is good. In the guarantee value under the condition of better propaganda themselves.

pseudo original one day? It is so charming

for a web site, especially in the early stage. One of the main people the most attention is the original, with the original text, with a deep exchange to move everyone. So, they check the information, chat with like-minded friends, only to find inspiration, willing to use their own hands to create a high quality of presentation. However, your article is reproduced to modify the site weight higher than their own website, search engine will think he is reproduced. This time we really want to cry but no tears. There is a problem after all not so many topics to original content, so the more friends the other way — pseudo original.

pseudo original purpose? Absolutely not blindly copying the original, but better than the original. We do website user experience is the key, many original things will really attract a lot of users, but its real value is not fully up. Our pseudo original purpose is to go to the door, the value from the side reaction. We have been thinking I think the original is the best, but the direction of the original model has limitations, can not meet the needs of users. Long time will only continue recession. This >

this paper is the pseudo original, if false original or false original feel disdain for their website development without help, please bypass, thank you! We hope the webmaster do website development superior own, many webmaster due to various reasons more and more attention to the user experience. More sites to update the original content, only in order to improve their website quality, increase user traffic and reduce the rate of jump out, it is best to let the search engine spiders resident in our website.

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