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The secret why web site in the highest weight

although we all know that the website weight is the highest, but why, I believe that many owners are still not knowing why it is so here is a secret, the higher the reason behind the front page. For the weight of the website, can be further subdivided into age, weight and Position page and links the four aspects, so start again from the four aspects of the right can be found behind the secret.

second page weight. For the love of Shanghai only included a page on a web site, will give the corresponding weights, and if to help users more big, so the page weight will be greater. And a lot of pages within the website have a higher weight, but these pages tend to link to the home page, this will bring more weight to the home page, and a website home page for page number to the most, so get into the weight will be more. So the home page weight is the highest.

fourth, is called the link weight. The webmaster is relatively easy to understand, a website homepage is often the direct propaganda target, the number appears on the Internet is the most, then the weight of home page is to import external website will most, and thus enhance the weight of your home page.

third position weight. The concept of weight is relatively vague, but a large number of studies show that this weight is in fact exist, but also to the rank of the website will have a direct impact. Position weight pay more attention to the main page, then the page, and then to the sub page, just like a tree structure, the main rod is actually the home site, while the column page is relative to the branches, the content page is like leaves. So from the point of view of position weight, the weight of the home page is the highest.

from above the weight of the broken down, no matter what kind of fine.

first, age weight. Age and weight is called time weight, usually including the length of time domain name and website construction. Time domain name and website construction time is has certain difference, a lot of the time domain name has been registered for a long time, then just the construction site. Generally the domain name longer, then use the domain name of the website can also gain more weight. If the same website construction age longer, so the weight will naturally get more. But here we must note that the domain name in a long time, there have been K, there have been no cheating. The site in the long river of time, did not become a dead station, but after continuous operation of the website, this website will be with the extension of time, the weight will continue to accumulate.

for the vast majority of owners, will be guided to a website, the first page of the weight is the highest, it is the site of the column page or inside pages, from the perspective of weight are not high than home. So the exchange chain in other sites, usually with the home exchange, if you want to use the inside pages and other sites to exchange, then you must be despised by others.

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