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Ma Yun issued a document to entrepreneurs culture is the development of enterprises DNASheng listed

"with what kind of mission, it will decide how to recruit people.". It is the boss who decides the company to fail, and the key to the success of the company is the employees." Ma split the division of labor between the boss and employees.

on the founder of cultural construction, Ma Yun’s view is "to do is: say and think of the same.". What you did was the same as you said. You can change what you say and think because you thought there will be progress, but what is the most key inside and outside the executive culture. Employees don’t see what you say, but how you do it."

Ma Yun believes that the first factor in setting up any business is to understand why your business exists, that is, what your mission is. The mission is high, big, great, low, vulgar, and nothing is important. It is important that you and your founding team really believe it. Is it true faith or slogan that determines your company’s spirit?."

  Sheng listed sensational fieldwork, the concept of Internet Chinese sought after investors gave him a miracle.

      Sheng’s several sites, classified information website is actually a special field. Dressed in e-commerce coat, so on the market. In fact, his website and e-commerce gap is still far away. But even so, enough to still use large capital market grappling classifieds site with confidence – listed, it is possible to. As long as you say the number of users, the number of growth, membership fees……

next listed on the Chinese local Internet Co, Sheng will certainly better than the story. A large number of people from Wall Street are waiting for it.

      website classification should consider is to continue to clamor for classification, or for electronic commerce?

      from the current situation, the stock market that lags behind, they can understand e-commerce, but it is difficult to understand what "customer" or "customer" what?. So it’s better to switch to the concept of e-commerce. The poorest is the small and medium enterprises, all entrepreneurs are staring at your not yet full purse, the name of the service for SMEs signs came with knives. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the Internet world, the user needs to see that sign, in the end should be erected there? sh419? shlf1314? Sina? Tencent? Alibaba? China so and so network?

      you can imagine, there may be a not what products, will rely on the network and become the television and the like on melatonin.

he said, "good corporate governance depends on the culture medium, companies rely on the system, so the company loyalty by relatives and friends. Many of the company’s culture is in that wall newspaper, magazine and events. In fact, culture and these things do not really matter. Culture is false, must do. Start-up companies must find out the specific methods of cultural assessment, and the interests of employees related. Otherwise, culture is a waste of resources and time. Culture is closely related to the beliefs of the founders and must be shared by all the staff."

Ma Yun believes that corporate culture is formed by people of the same nature. The system builds culture, and it only protects the culture – "in a lot of times, the stronger the system, the weaker the culture."."

Ma Yun once again stressed the need for the construction of enterprise culture, and to remind entrepreneurs to do business, engage in business do not consider these only want to make money, like is to go to a casino to play roulette, the probability of losing too much. So there are so many people in the sea, so few people come back alive. It’s not easy to be an enterprise." Ivan

technology news news January 19th, Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in its social platform and from the "on the construction of enterprise culture and the majority of entrepreneurs to expand exchanges, said Ma culture is the development of the enterprise DNA, determines a company’s personality and fate.

"Many companies hire employees when they talk about their jobs, their salaries and their abilities, and they talk about the company’s mission and culture," says


Ma Yun. "From the start, it made your company less coherent.". Enterprise culture is the DNA of enterprise development. It determines the character and fate of a company. Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. The mission structure and conviction determine how employees will join you and help you. Culture is the staff pledge specification."

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