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Gold rush station SkyDrive’s money making is on the declineTaobao customers must comply with the ten

six, must have a certain network of knowledge, if you do not even HTML will not, as soon as possible to learn, it is not difficult. It will be of great help to you.

four, do everything must have the direction, and so do the Taobao customers. Face different customer groups and promote different products. No one goes to a clothing store to buy a car MP3.


two, on Taobao’s road, there are many ups and downs. Some need you to explore the past, others need help from some friends. No matter on the Internet or in reality, friends are indispensable,

, but does this mean that SkyDrive is making a downward spiral? Can’t? As long as it meets the needs of both members and SkyDrive’s profit station, the development of SkyDrive’s money making station will be lasting. In the foreign disk can not do domestic IP, there will be some new dish stand out. Because I make money through a SkyDrive station learned that, although the domestic IP conversion rate is low, but after deducting expenses, the middle is still a very large profit space, there are still a lot of webmaster is aimed at this one, try to look at the.

future SkyDrive money station, in the domestic IP aspects, the domestic SkyDrive money station will be dominant. In the past, domestic SkyDrive money station was given the low price, mostly because of the testing phase, not the profit space, and the means of profit, and foreign money SkyDrive station still have a big gap. And recently, a number of foreign SkyDrive was blocked, gave yunfile a lot of space, looking forward to the rise of yunfile.

eight, the site should put statistics tools to see what people click through your links. Often go to sh419 keyword index, look at your keyword heat, better analysis of your web site.

five, more applications for some PID, using different PID to publish original, reduce the chance to be replaced by PID. Dont, put, all, your, eggs, in, one, basket don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

! !

original text from the gold rush station: goldzhan/, p=12767, reprint, please keep the original link!


ten, don’t let Taobao take all your time; make her a part of your life, and you’ll be happier.

three, Taobao customer is not GAD, is to clinch a deal before you get the commission. Pay attention to the customer experience, how to let customers click on "go to Taobao to buy" button and complete the transaction. The conversion rate is what Taobao customers really need.

nine, hair chain also pay attention to methods. The correct method, such as soft text, friends chain and so on, BBS thread effect is not big. Do not post machine post, always want to reap nothing, there will be no good results.

seven, don’t irritate search engines. Please follow the rules they make. Otherwise, they are more than you, a little, a lot of you, K your station, cry you.


at the same time, this side also appealed to the majority of hobbies SkyDrive money making friends, control the bottom line, not only in order to protect the disk resources, but also for more lasting benefits.

for SkyDrive station by the wall, is bound to have some influence on the group, may do it alone, do foreign IP make friends, does not matter. However, for the pure recommend income SkyDrive earned friends, it is tantamount to breaking the income. Registration can still be registered, but many novice partners registered via recommendation links may abandon their quest to continue exploring because of the wall. Compared with the past, the efficiency of the recommendation has declined linearly. At the same time, it will also blow these, make friends to gain enthusiasm, and thus affect the overall development of SkyDrive’s money making. Fewer people are recommended, and the affected groups are naturally narrow.

more than a number of foreign SkyDrive money station was wall, we did not expect. Why do these SkyDrive stations be sealed? Let’s not say the unspoken rules, strike hard, do not strike hard, but only from the content. In a number of foreign Chinese communities, we can see a large number of pornographic and violent illegal films uploaded by SkyDrive. Why are these resources reviewed and not deleted? That’s what these SkyDrive money stations don’t have. Most sites have banned such illegal information upload, but in the audit has not done enough, and sometimes through the replacement of file names, changes in format and other simple means, you can pass the review.

www.shinybuy, reprinted please indicate

beautiful buy website long ten Taobao guest experience, the central idea is: down-to-earth, earnest, pragmatic, hard work,

, Taobao is not as simple as you think. It may be a long process. Like all the other professions, it can be achieved through your efforts. And want to save money and want to make money not many good things!

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