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Agile Entrepreneurship how to find the user’s requirementsFoaming now Reflections on China’s A share


at that time, the market is popular business model, through mergers and acquisitions grew up asset securitization, is the industry logic, is the Internet traffic thinking. At that time, the enterprise is best not to make money, because the Internet is characterized by free. To this day, the market once again say valuations, said "beautiful 50", each party without holding Moutai, no liquor appliances, will feel inferior. While the whole world is talking about China’s "pretty 50", we will instead reflect on whether "pretty 50" enters the bubble stage.


so a year ago, we were not bottom-up, but rather from top to bottom, recommending the "pretty 50" section from a stylistic point of view. In the article we launch, A shares of the "beautiful 50" companies also continue to rise: Kweichow Moutai rose 60%, the boss appliances rose 44%, Sophia rose 41%, Hengrui medicine rose 36%, Hikvision rose 62%,.

from the point of view of the times, "beautiful 50" is often born in the economic transition, low inflation era. In the United States in 60s, from the previous post-war reconstruction to the baby boom in 80s, the pattern of economic growth has changed considerably. At this point, we all realized that the infrastructure economy could not continue to drive the U.S. economy, but the signs of the new economy have yet to be seen. From this point of view, the United States "pretty 50" and the current Chinese economy >

waterfall model of the software development is divided into stages, requirements analysis, requirements definition, basic design, detail design, encoding, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, each stage strictly define the input and output, if not up to the requirements of the output, the next stage will not start. When the system test is completed, the software is delivered to the user and the process is completed.

pretty, 50 age background,

picked up an article that analysed the entire economic environment, and liquidity was well suited to the "pretty 50" approach. At that time our logic based on fundamentals of some economic factors: 1 experienced in 2015 after deleveraging, the overall risk appetite, the risk of asset price will drop; 2 long term, good company China very scarce, should receive a premium valuation; 3 industry concentration will continue to increase in economic growth and stable stage 4; the overall market highlights the lack of class, the bear market characteristics, market attention will be focused.

I must never pass up an expert. I just want to talk about my opinion.

, let’s take a look at the "beautiful 50" source of America’s red background: high growth and low inflation. In 60s, the U.S. GDP was 4.6%, corresponding to 2.3% inflation; Europe’s GDP was 5.2%, corresponding to 3.2% inflation. And another golden age of American growth stocks, the macro backdrop of the dotcom bubble in 90s, was also very much like that at that time.

falls model is an easy to accept model that feels right, first to understand what the user wants, and then move on step by step until delivery. This model has been widely adopted. However, it has its disadvantages, and the biggest problem is that it can not meet the urgent need. A project is short for a few months, one or two years longer, and the user’s requirements are likely to change during that time. As the user to a custom-made clothes, you give him the volume size, and then in silence for a few months, found that after a few months, long fat, this time rework cost is too great.

friends in software development may know that there are two models for software development, one is waterfall model and the other is agile model. In fact, the logic of thinking behind these two models is also common in the entrepreneurial process.

small to our investment, to our lives, a lot of things are in reincarnation. The natural law of the night and day, Tai Chi in alternating between negative and positive are. Our investments in A shares have been experiencing this cycle in the past few years. Remember, in 2013 and 2014, you talked to everyone about fundamentals, and you lost the starting line.

in agile development process, usually two weeks will be a version of each version compared with the previous version, will add a few features, the user’s requirements if any changes, can timely response in a recent version of the. In this way, users do not have to wait a few months to see the final version directly, but they can continue to participate in the process, which is very important for the product to meet the user’s requirements.

later came with agile models. Agile model is the core of the iteration, the ultimate goal is to make customer satisfaction, so be able to take the initiative to accept demand changes. It’s a manifesto that I agree with: individuals and interactions are better than processes and tools; software that works is better than full documentation; customer collaboration is better than contract negotiation; response to change is better than following plans. In particular, the last sentence of the "response to change" is also the essence of our lean entrepreneurship.

The thinking model of the

to the market today, again say valuations, said "beautiful 50", each party without holding Moutai, no liquor appliances, will feel inferior.

a few days ago, in the best products meet not demand, but "requirements", we mentioned "try to meet the needs of users, so that they can no longer fall in love with your product."." The users "request" and "demand" made a distinction, a lot of friends reply message said quite enlightening, but I also noticed that some entrepreneurs still have questions: since I want to find ways to meet the needs of the user, but the user requirement is endless, but the difference is large, then how do I

, just take the custom made clothes as an example, under the thinking of agile development

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