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cool products can be said to be a good product on the market at present difficult to see… Hey hey ~ so many did not say, put in try to clear.

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in fact, there are a lot of good experience, we can add supplements!  

Internet entrepreneurs need the most? If you ask these entrepreneurs, most people believe that the answer is a word: "money!" indeed, no money is absolutely not the Internet business, and even can be said that the Internet business success depends largely on a lot of money.



1, NetEase: I have everything www.163

NetEase today has firmly taken up an important position in China’s major integrated portals. In any way, Ding Lei and his NetEase have achieved great success. The integrated portal sounds like a huge concept today, but it’s a scary concept for Internet entrepreneurs, because it’s out of reach.

, however, VCs here give such a data: Internet investment success rate of only about 10%, that is to say, they invest ten, nine is a failure. The investment of 9 with money, but still failed, it can be seen that the Internet business need most is not money.

some people say that the Internet business team gathered most of China’s elite. There is nothing wrong with it. The Internet boom can be described as a wave of tumbling. I believe that if these entrepreneurs’ stories are gathered together to make a book, it will certainly be a box office success. Anyway, pay tribute to these brave and brave entrepreneurs.

integrated portal" means "I have everything." now, it’s really not a creative idea. But in the days when Mr. Ding Lei started his business, the Internet was entirely at the grassroots level. No matter what the Internet users are concerned, are new, a large, many, fast, all of the information web site is undoubtedly the majority of Internet users love. So the NetEase can catch a large number of users in a short time, which is the basis of it, after the success of the.

, first of all, must be the ability to look at money, that is, patterns. Then there’s the ability to spend money, and then to make money.

someone when analyzing the website viscosity, the viscosity of the technology when it comes to NetEase is a typical technology that viscosity, viscosity characteristics of this type are relying on technology, whose contents, timely, fast, will be able to pull a large number of users. If a more powerful web site makes information faster and more accurate, it immediately goes down. This makes sense, and the Chinese military incident is a typical example. But on NetEase, I don’t think so.

1, advertisers expressly prohibit the delivery of the following as follows:

2, improve the effect of the proposal: in fact, very simple, a number of different categories with Cool News train tickets, second-hand car, recruitment and so on, and analysis of their age and user preferences with, select appropriate category and material. At present, the Spring Festival approaching, so train tickets are more popular; there is a type of advertising materials, more suitable for access to younger users of the site…


we can not ignore the feelings of Internet users, China’s Internet users almost grew up together with NetEase, and experienced ups and downs together. It is an emotion and attachment that cannot be expressed. Some time ago, I heard two friends debate, Xiao Li is a loyal user of NetEase, Xiao Wang is another fan of the website. Xiao Wang always said NetEase is not good, and advised Xiao Li to visit his favorite website. Xiao Li is very unhappy, but his eloquence is not good. Finally, provoke, Li said: "love is the Lao Tzu NetEase!" Wang stunned.


I think since it is a rare good product, then can get him to do for a long time and maximize the value of it is the key, therefore, on the one hand and told everyone about the requirements of advertisers, in addition to tell you some good methods to create the best effect.


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